Labour try diversion and counterattack

Some of Kim’s little helpers have been trying to counter attack against John Key over the growing Dotcom debacle. There’s been a bunch of bunnies on Twitter trying to suggest Key’s “accusation” that Peters visited Dotcom three times must have been through information received from the GCSB.

Mike Smith does likewise at The Standard.

Mindless questions

The question I’d like the media to ask is “Where did John Key get his information that Winston visited DotCom three times?” Most likely source it seems to me is the GCSB. I think Winston may have a point about his right to privacy.

The spies have always laced their briefings to the Prime Minister with political titbits, and now that Key has his old friend Ian Fletcher in the job, not to mention pressure from his golfing partner in Hawaii, I’d say its a reasonable question.

Key knows the gallery can always be side-tracked into their favourite, and utterly fruitless, game of Winston-bashing, as evidenced by this pointless piece of puffery from Audrey Young. They would do the rest of us a better service if they also questioned Key on his sources.

I don’t know if Mike still works in the Labour leader’s office, but he should tell Grant Robertson, Trevor Mallard, David Cunliffe , Helen Kelly et al that they should consult with media themselves – Winston’s visits first went public in the Herald last Friday. Key didn’t talk about them until yesterday.

So why is John Key so certain that Winston has visited Dotcom 3 times? Is the Gcsb still spying and passing info onto Pm? Are police?

Time for John Key to explain how he “knows” how many times MPs have visited Kim Dotcom. Who is his source?

Did @johnkeypm info come from SIS, FBI,GCSB, Police,or Parliamentary Service again – someones neck on the line …

I hope the PM not using info provided by GCSB here. #thinkHoover Peters visited Dotcom three times – Key 

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  1. yes, its all getting boring. We have a Country to nurture for God’s sake.
    Do I have to go up to Auckland myself to do this work. No maybe not me , but Dotcom is a traitor to NZ and we will be rid of him, and Norman Russell also, die in the gutter dogs.

  1. Dotcom with dollops of crazy crazy | Your NZ

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