Dotcom considering legal action against Key

Kim Dotcom has tweeted that he is considering legal action against John Key for “political interference” in supplying Whale Oil with information.

Herald journalist David Fisher (@DFisherJourno) tweeted (at 9.48 pm Friday 14th):

A factor in the Dotcom extradition is political influence. Was the PM looking to get dragged into the case? #PMintheWitnessStand? #Whaleoil

Dotcom re-tweeted that and tweeted (at 9.59 pm Friday 14th):

Lawyers are looking at political interference by John Key leaking information to Whaleoil & supporting Dotcom smear campaign. #WitnessStand

Fisher has written a book on Dotcom and there seems to be an ongoing relationship between the two. It seems risky for a senior award winning journalist to get so close to such a controversial figure. Dotcom seems to seduce people (politicians and journalists) into risking their careers. I don’t know what the attraction is, other than money and power.

Dotcom tweeted on Thursday:

I invite every serious NZ journalist to read this:  and David Fishers book about my scandalous case. Educate yourself.

I have no idea what sort of legal action could be taken on this. I presume it has something to do with Dotcom’s (and Winston Peters’) allegations. Dotcom tweeted several times on this on Thursday:

The fact is my case is a POLITICAL case. Paid for by Hollywood. Executed by White House & John Key. NZ politicians talk with me about that.

John Key about how he knew Winston Peters visited the mansion: “From time to time people see things, and from time to time they tell me.” 🙂

None of the people who have “seen” Winston Peters visiting the mansion have “told” John Key about it. Come clean Mr. Key. Who told ya? GCSB?

In the interest of transparency John Key must release information about how he knew about Winston Peters “three” visits. School mate Ian?

The more political Dotcom makes his case the more chance he seems to think he has of avoiding extradition to the US.

The claim that the GCSB told Key told Whale Oil is very dubious. Ironically Dotcom later tweets:

Leaks are tricky. They are worthless if not substantiated. You might be tempted to use them anyway. But then you get into ‘serious’ trouble.

His accusations are worthless unless substantiated too. It is far more likely (supported by statements and evidence) that a leak from Dotcom’s mansion found it’s way to Whale Oil (Cameron Slater) and/or Rachel Glucina who both publicised the visits by Peters days before John Key brought it up in Parliament.

Dotcom is fighting a very interesting battle. It is big stakes for him. He may succeed, or it may backfire and make his case more difficult for him – especially if he keeps making unsubstantiated and apparently absurd claims

UPDATE: Fran O’Sullivan has a column in the Herald today that’s related: Content creators can have a beef with Dotcom and there’s some discussion on her Facebook link to this where she has commented:

David Fisher had lost the plot. Dotcom’s former staffers leaking like sieves. Seems they don’t respect confidentiality agreements. Hard to sue them when you don’t respect property rights either.

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  1. Brown

     /  15th February 2014

    This whole affair is amazing. It appears the govt did a dirty, kissed some dodgy US arse, the cops had a CSI moment and bravely stormed across no mans land, the law was broken, stuff was pinched and, in my view, KDC probably has a right to be aggrieved about the whole thing whether or not he is a crook. Then we have the opposition in various forms visiting KDC and begging a non citizen, who is a very rare beast in that he is not allowed to buy property here, for favours in exchange for being allowed to stay. The govt may be the lesser evil here in that they have at least been consistent in their sucking up but who can you believe?

    In a few months people are going to go and vote for one or other group. Its darned depressing and simply reinforces why I’ve decided not to vote. My relatives buried overseas deserve better choices than these.


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