Katie Bradford on political affiliations

I often see criticisms, presumptions and accusations made about TVNZ journalist Katie Bradford. These are all because of a family relationship – she is Sue Bradford’s daughter.

This often comes up on Kiwiblog, as it did this morning in relation to the TVNZ/Shane Taurimu/Labour story. Longknives comments:

TVNZ- Is anyone really surprised?? Considering their star reporter is Sue Bradford Jnr…

So I asked Katie:

@katieabradford a question that keeps coming up – do you have any political affiliations? Can you please advise.

She responded:

@PeteDGeorge not at all. My work speaks for itself.

I’ve never seen any obvious political bias from Katie – and watching journalists on Twitter you can often get a clear indication of their political preferences.

I haven’t seen any indication from Katie. In fact I suspect Katie tries harder than most journalists to be politically neutral.

Those journalists who are aware of possible perceptions of bias and work on being unbiased are usually more balanced than those who are ignorant of their leanings.

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