We shouldn’t “just accept it” Mr Key

Prime Minister Key is saying dirty politics should just be accepted. He is effectively saying that making false accusations, telling lies, personal attacks and trying to undermine the Government and damage the country should be just accepted as a part of politics.

That’s very disappointing.

Dishonest politics is poor politics, and the people keep speaking with their non-votes. Increasing numbers of people are turned off the ballot box due to the shoddiness of political behaviour.

Stuff report Norman shouldn’t apologise – Key.

Prime Minister John Key is firmly in the Green Party camp over political free speech and threatened legal action by Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

“I don’t know the ins and outs of all the comments, but essentially this is politics – it’s a rough and tumble,” Key said.

“The last week we had Winston Peters saying apparently, I had something to do with Huka Lodge, all of which was not true, but if I spent my life trying to sue people who said things I don’t like about me I’d be in the courts every single day.

“It’s just the nature of the business, you need to harden up a bit and just accept it.”

Well John, I don’t just accept it.

Dishonesty and pettiness should not be shrugged off as just the nature of the governing business. Leadership should mean leading by example – good example.

Passion and robust debate are essential components of politics. But dirtiness and nastiness are unnecessary and negative.

Throwing shit in the House leaves a stench.

  • We live in a modern age where generally the world is cleaning up it’s act with fewer wars and deaths by conflict.
  • Sport keeps cleaning up it’s act, stamping out foul and cheating behaviour. A decent society demands it.

So why should our leaders “just accept” the worst of political behaviour. Because it’s easy to just join the fray and throw dirt back.

It is harder to make a stand against it and set a decent example.

I don’t just accept it John. And neither should you. Harden up and do something about it. Why don’t you try leading on this? Is that too hard?

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  1. Brown

     /  25th February 2014

    You choose to be offended or not and I think Key is right. You defend when it gets really unpleasant. What is interesting is that Norman, being a socialist (at best) is looking for other people’s money to fight with. Loser, complete and utter loser.


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