McCarten move a Green squeeze?

Matt MCarten’s appointment as David Cunliffe’s chief of staff strengthens connections between the Labour Party and the Mana Party/Movement.

What does this mean for Greens?

It appears that Labour is reaching across the Greens to the Mana constituency, trying to build (pr rebuild a broad centre-ish to left Labour grouping that also targets the poor. And that encroaches on the main focus of the Greens – they seem to have relegated environmental issues and have a preference for promoting social change.

Labour+Mana will also try and squeeze the Maori Party out of contention.

Add to this Cunliffe’s recent comments about Winston Peters that suggest an attempt to work with NZ First and the Labour election strategy may be  being revealed.

Labour either need NZ First or need for NZ First to not go with National to be able to form a coalition. It’s well known that Peters has an aversion to working with the Greens.

Labour may see problems working with the Green co-leaders too. And there is a few percent of the party vote up for grabs, the last poll hints this may be slipping from the Green grasp already.

A Labour+Mana+NZ First combination may be hoping to squeeze the Greens out of contention, or at least relegate them to making up the numbers without having much clout.

The McCarten move may be part of a Labour Green squeeze strategy.

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  1. J Bloggs

     /  27th February 2014

    The Greens should have stuck to thier knitting (i.e. environmental issues). ThIs would have meant a more central drift, and allowed them to position themselves as being able to make deals with either of the larger parties, in order to get Green policies implemented (much as the Maori party have). Instead, they staked out the hard left (thereby ruling out National), and now find themselves being squeezed out by this latest move. I wonder if David Hay is sitting out his suspension with a wry grin at this news

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