Presland never applied for chief of staff position

Greg Presland has dismissed suggestions he applied for the job as David Cunliffe’s chief of staff.

When Matt McCarten was tipped for the position before the announcement on Wednesday Presland was also named as a possible candidate. The Dominion Post:

Labour is poised to announce lead roles in David Cunliffe’s office and a new election campaign manager, with former Alliance president Matt McCarten tipped to be in the running for a top post with his old rivals.

Other names mentioned in party circles for the pivotal role, as Labour tries to regroup after a run of bad poll results, included Mr Cunliffe’s top electorate official Greg Presland and a number of former MPs from both Labour and the Alliance.

This surprised a few people, including me, and the blogosphere being what it is Presland has copped a few digs.

He has stated at The Standard:


Just to clarify I never applied for the position and my being suggested as a candidate was a surprise to me and a shock to a close relative!

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