A more distinctive flag would be handy

Another good example of why a more distinctive flag would be handy:

NZ Open flagsIt takes a bit of staring to spot the Kiwi.

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  1. AngryTory

     /  28th February 2014

    Look at your passport. Black with a sliver fern. Look at the logos for all the sports teams from the ABs on down. Look at the logo for every damn govt department.

    Can we just get this done now, for f**ks sake?

  2. graham

     /  28th February 2014

    Well AngryTory, we could “just get this done now”, but it does appear that nearly three-quarters of the country DON’T wish to change the flag, according to the latest Colmar-Brunton poll.


    Sucks living in a democracy, huh?

  3. Just change the royal blue to black. Same flag but distinctive colour. Additional advantage of recognizing our Cornish heritage along with English, Scots & Irish one quarter.


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