Imperator Fish crosses the line

Satire pushes boundaries, even shocks to impact. But this from @ImperatorFish is a nasty, disgraceful attack on Jamie Whyte and the ACT Party.

Politics Explained: It’s all about the kids (I won’t repeat the details here).

Imperator Fish is a satirical blog run by Scott Yorke, who is active in the Labour Party. I think the post should be withdrawn and an apology be given.

UPDATE: Scott makes it clear he doesn’t think he needs to retract or apologise to ACT and Whyte, to the contrary he continues to promote his post:

Latest post: Politics Explained: It’s all about the kids

And on Kiwiblog:

SBY (115 comments) says: 
February 28th, 2014 at 9:06 am

Thanks for the blog traffic this morning, Pete. Much appreciated.

Keep that outrage going.

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  1. I suspect that he was just stating for all parties the natural progression of the politicians statements. Think of it as a matter of philosophy.

    Basically you have been an irritating pest on most blogs. Now we see the natural progression of that. Tell me, how many sites aren’t you permitted to obsessively whine on now?

    • Four. All left wing sites. Interesting that you’re proud of it.

      It’s very brave of Scott to shut down comments on his own blog and then shift his shit to The Standard isn’t it. I see that people aren’t exactly racing in to comment there either, just like at Imperator Fish. Sometimes relative silence call tell you things. Not that you are likely to listen.


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