Cunliffe’s trust and 3 strikes

It looks like mounting pressure on David Cunliffe has forced action on his secret trust – see Cunliffe “happy to be open” about keeping donations secret.

Claire Trevett broke this story on Sunday and continues today:


Cunliffe has named 3 donors who were willing to go public, including Selwyn Pellett, Tony Gibbs. will return donations of 2 others who won’t

Also Cunliffe got donation from Perry Keenan. Cunliffe says didn’t know donors names till recently. Says using trust was error in judgment.

It’s taken Cunliffe two days to admit that. He must be copping some flak from uncomfortable places.

This is yet another in a series of cases of poor judgment by Cunliffe. Taking belated action will repair some of the damage but some of the dents will remain prominent.

Ironically at The Standard, just under Bunji’s post How short are memories? defending Cunliffe is a repost of Rob Salmond with Polity: Three ramshackle PR fiascos and you’re out. Salmond was referring to the Taxpayers’ Union, not Labour but…

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