Third strike and out for TU, third Cunliffe fiasco ‘unhelpful’

Rob Salmond posted Three ramshackle PR fiascos and you’re out, having a dig at the Taxpayers’ Union:

Three strikes – they’re out.

The same could be applied to Cunliffe. Not Salmond though:

The sight now of of a leading Labour politician, with the help of a blogger at The Standard, setting up a trust to shield substantial leadership donors from public view, is most unhelpful.

I am really pleased, however, to see Selwyn Pellett, Perry Keenan, and Tony Gibbs openly declare their generous support for Cunliffe’s campaign. I thank them for their generosity towards social democracy in New Zealand. All are substantial figures in the business community, and their support speaks volumes about Labour’s visionary plans to help new Zealanders add value to our economy.

He calls that post “Untidy and unnecessary” and describes the third PR fiasco of Cunliffe this year as “most unhelpful” – and then turns his post into a Labour promo.

Rob’s bio on his Polity blog…

Rob has wide experience relevant to public affairs. He has been a Parliamentary adviser to two leaders of New Zealand’s Labour party (Helen Clark, David Shearer), and through Polity continues to work with Labour leader David Cunliffe.

Perhaps Rob wants to continue to work with Cunliffe so is waiving his Three Strikes principle.

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