Cunliffe’s power graph gaffe

To round off a “week from hell” David Cunliffe is promoting a power price graph that is astounding people across the political spectrum.

Cunliffe power graph

It is being pointed out left, right and centre that this shows the steepest growth in power prices occurred when Labour were in Government.

Rob Hosking More bad judgement, or a staffer ???

David Farrar I really don’t know how you can send out a graphic that makes your own party’s performance (of which you were a senior Minister) look so woeful, without checking it or realising it.

Rory McCarthy Starting to wonder if David Cunliffe is working for the opposition… The amount of basic data gaffes in the last few weeks has been horrific. Seriously who’s advising him  – HINT: If you are trying to show rising power costs – best not to use data showing mass power cost increases under Labour 😐 – Politics 101.

There’s many more coments like that across Twitter and Facebook. Astonishingly Cunliffe is defending the use of this on his Facebook page:

Daniel Stratton Ummmmmm isnt the steepest rise on that graph when Labour was last in govt?

David Cunliffe Our policy has changed. National is content to let the price rises continue.

And ten minutes ago on Twitter:

@MarkCurrieNZ Our policy has changed. National is content for prices to continue to rise.

Has no one in Labour noticed how much this is being ridiculed? Surely someone is aware of the global gobsmacking – no one has thought to tell Cunliffe’s Twitter and Facebook account operators?

Where will it end? All that seems certain is it will continue next week:

Rob Hosking (NBR) The problem with that graph doesn’t stop there….[more next week on this….]

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  1. Goldie

     /  8th March 2014

    There is simply no way that an even halfway competent research unit would let out that graph because it opens your own case to so much ridicule. This ridiculous graph is yet another instance when Cunliffe cites evidence presumably provided by his research unit which turns out to be wrong or damaging to himself.
    It leaves only two possible conclusions. The Labour Party research unit is beyond incompetent. Or, second, Cunliffe is being white-anted from inside the Party, in which the research unit are deliberately giving Cunliffe bullets they know are duds.


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