Politicheck NZ – major staff appointments

Last month Politicheck NZ announced they were starting up a political fact check website for New Zealand. Today they  released information on appointments to key positions.

Media announcement – Politicheck NZ Appointments
10 March 2014

Politicheck NZ, New Zealand’s first specialist political fact checking organisation, has announced the appointment of key personnel.

  • Editor – Pete George
  • Deputy Editor – Phil Howison
  • Chief Operating Officer – Kyle Church
  • Research Coordinator – Kirk Serpes

Website development is proceeding, editors are already looking for issues to investigate and research is starting. It is hoped to have the website active online within about a month.

The aim of Politicheck NZ is to fact check statements and claims made by MPs and political parties for their truthfulness and accuracy. The process will be as transparent as possible. The results of investigations will be published on the Politicheck NZ.org.nz website – this will become a valuable library of information.

Politicheck NZ will hold politicians to account and encourage them to be truthful and accurate. A number of MPs and many people have expressed concerns and dismay about the sometimes poor standard of political discourse in New Zealand. Having a public means of verifying political claims will improve how we do politics in New Zealand.

Politicheck NZ will be similar to Factcheck and Politifact in the US and Politifact Australia but will be designed specifically to suit New Zealand.

The fact checking processes will work with MPs as much as possible. The relative ease of access we have to MPs in New Zealand will give us a unique opportunity to cooperatively promote more open and honest politics.

While there will be some overlap with traditional media Politicheck will source from and complement them, often picking up contentious aspects to stories once the news cycle has moved on. The Politicheck database will become a useful resource for journalists.

It is expected that Politicheck NZ will develop a close relationship with active political debate in social media. Discussion and leads will be encouraged through Politicheck NZ on Facebook and via @PoliticheckNZ on Twitter. Interaction with blogs, Reddit and other forums will also be useful parts of the process.

Politicheck NZ personnel have past and present associations across the political spectrum. This will be disclosed on the website for transparency but will be largely irrelevant. Multiple people will be involved in how every issue is researched and evaluated. The people being fact checked will be given the opportunity to contribute to and respond to any findings. And any finding will be open to review should new information become available.

Input and feedback will be welcome, and the public and politicians will no doubt scrutinise findings of fact or fiction.

This is an exciting innovation for politics in New Zealand and will have a positive impact. The more input and co-operation Politicheck NZ has the more successful it will be.

Inquiries to Politicheck NZ Editor Pete George on 027 327 3468 or peteg@politicheck.org.nz or Politicheck NZ Deputy Editor Phil Howison at phil@politicheck.org.nz

As you may notice I have been appointed editor. I’m very excited by this opportunity, both for myself (if I could choose the best way I could be involved in politics this is at the top of the list) and for New Zealand politics. This has the potential to have a significant positive influence on our politics.

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  1. Andrew

     /  10th March 2014

    Can you please make sure there is an RSS/Atom feed for posts on the politicheck site? cheers.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    This is something we are definitely looking to incorporate.




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