Statement on Politicheck

I have been appointed as editor to a team establishing Politicheck, a political fact checking website for New Zealand. Those of us involved have a variety of political connections from across the spectrum, from libertarian to green. We are all disclosing our affiliations.

It’s well known I’ve been involved with UnitedFuture after they asked me to stand for them in 2011. My level of involvement has often been overstated, especially over the past few months when it has significantly diminished. I am no longer a party member.  I will continue blogging my personal views but apart from that I am dedicating my interests to Politicheck.

Our individual politics should be irrelevant. We are setting up a fact checking process that will be as transparent as possible, and each fact checked will be re-checked involving at least three of us in an editorial and research role.

Our findings will be open to public scrutiny and will be reviewable should we get additional information. Some decisions we make may be contentious but most will simply be a judgement of fact.

We expect to build a good relationship with blogs. As well as encouraging submissions of issues to check we will monitor MSM and social media to look for issues worth investigating.

We are aware we will have critics, both personal and of Politicheck. That’s the nature of politics. We will be up front and will address any reasonable criticisms openly. Mistakes will inevitably be made, we will do whatever it takes to rectify them.

Please give us a fair go and give Politicheck a fair go. This should be a valuable service for improving politics in New Zealand. The more support we get the better we will be.

I am happy to engage on this, either on this blog, on or by email –

Pete George

Politicheck header

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  1. Sounds great, Pete, though given the number of statements and speeches given by our politicians, I suspect the demand will very quickly outstrip your resources. Will be interested to see which causes you select. [ Maybe you could start with verifying Obama’s nationality – just kidding 🙂 ]

    • Thanks Duncan. Yes, it is a big task. We will do as much as we can with the resources we can acquire. We will always be looking for volunteers, the more that can be put in to it the more we will achieve.

  2. AngryTory

     /  11th March 2014

    I absolutely hate and despise leftists and their lies. Look at David Shearer caught out about power prices, Cunliffe’s for funding his leadership campaign that would have him gaoled if he tried it in a general election, Normal’s open lies about Green economic policies, and of course Harawira’s open advocacy for terrorism. The damage done to NZ by the last Labour government was incalculable – it must never be permitted in NZ again.


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