Poll – top 5 election issues

Colmar Brunton have polled on what people think are the  ‘top 5 issues’, with education and health head of the rest

Poverty and inequality are there but not as prominent as some may think.

It’s interesting that education is the top rated issue, especially as National’s Hekia Parata struggled with her education portfolio at the start of the term. John Key had faith in her ability, and that may turn out to be a significant election factor.

A notable absence from the list is the economy, which is something many claim to be a major deciding factor.

Asset sales may be fading in importance.

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  1. Cato

     /  11th March 2014

    Yep – because jobs, wages and poverty have nothing to do with the economy.

    • Of course they do – but “the economy” is often mentioned as the single biggest election factor, not just here bit overseas. So I think it’s unusual not to include it.

      • Cato

         /  11th March 2014

        Except for its constitudent parts ARE included, right? Fact check fail.

  2. Goldie

     /  11th March 2014

    These polls are pretty meaningless. When asked in these types of surveys, respondents tend to give very “sociable” answers. Yet once in the ballot box, voters behave much more selfishly.
    Or as Bill Clinton put it, “It’s the economy stupid”.

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