Flag, pavlova and racehorses

There has been a lot of discussion following John Key saying if National are returned to government they will initiate a process to consider whether to change the New Zealand flag or not. Labour and the Greens have said they would support this or do likewise if they get into government. See Do we want a new flag?

ABC Online says Australia urged to follow New Zealand’s lead on flag rethink:

New Zealanders are likely to go to the polls to vote on a new flag, in a move that has prompted renewed debate about changing Australia’s national flag.

Those pushing for a change to Australia’s flag believe Mr Key’s comments will be a boost for the domestic campaign, declaring it would make Australia “look stupid” if the status quo remained.

If we want a pavlova and a racehorse on our new flag we’d better get in quick in case the Aussies beat us to it.

But that may not stop them claiming them for themselves, again.

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