Labour’s forest/wood policy on social media

David Cunliffe announced major policy yesterday. How well supported was this by the Labour by social media?

When I went to Labour’s website I got their “I’m In” campaign page urging to be “part of the movement to change the government…”.

This was a redirection:

On the bottom of that sign-up page there are two links,  …or continue to see how Labour’s economic upgrade will provide opportunities for all New Zealanders, and right at the page footer you can Return to the page you came from… – this is an odd way to get access to their main web page. I’ve seen the recruitment page numerous times and don’t want to be forced there all the time.

One of the golden rules of website design is the less clicks the better, the harder you make it for anyone to see what they want the less likely they are to persevere and get to it.

Labour websiteUnder this was a list of Labour’s media releases for the day, with two on the policy now several down from the top.

Deputy leader David Parker pre-launch: Labour to boost forestry with pro-growth tax reform

And David Cunliffe with the main media launch: Economic upgrade for forestry and wood products

It took a bit of careful examination to realise that some of the main page highlights were related to the launch.

I thought Labour will upgrade New Zealand’s economy was a previous speech link but the fine print reveals that it is actually topical – Click here to learn how partnership with the Foresty and Wood Products industry will make a difference to incomes and living standards for all New Zealanders.

The middle graphic below that links to the same page. It’s labelled Forestry Upgrade but the graphic doesn’t stand out, the image is vague and reds and pinks don’t relate well to forests and wood.

If you follow that link you finally get to a clear message…

…although the messages is different – there’s been a lack of focus on what Labour are trying to sell.

The rest of this page is very good if you want details. It leads with…

The main points

With Labour’s Economic Upgrade the forest and wood products industry will create skilled, well-paid jobs, and help grow New Zealand’s economy by capturing a greater share of our resource value and keeping it at home.
Encourage investment in the processing component of the industry to move the focus from logs to higher-value products:

and then lists all the key points.

That’s followed by…

David Cunliffe, speech to the ForestWood 2014 Conference

…which has an embedded video of the speech…

…followed by a transcript.

Labour’s Facebook timeline has this same graphic with links to the website (posted at 1:49 pm) , and they posted at 7.:00 pm , finally, a graphic with obvious connections to forests:

Labour didn’t back this up much on Twitter with a single tweet:

Labour forest tweetThis was overshadowed by a previous day attack on National using a prominent graphic.

Cunliffe’s twitter was only a little better:

Cunliffe forest tweets.
Labour are using social media but this launch shows they lack consistency and focus and coordinated promotion across media. It’s early in the campaign though, time for them to learn some lessons off the Greens who are much more on top of and slick at using social media.

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