False allegations

@LewSOS has managed to fit four false claims into one tweet.

Totally objective Politicheck editor and United Future stooge Pete George says Peter Dunne’s PGF cuts are just fine, so that’s a fact #fact

That’s far from factual.

  1. I have no involvement with UnitedFuture.
  2. Peter Dunne claims he had nothing to do with the change of  problem gambling service providers, it was done by the Ministry of Health. David Farrar claims “I understand the Ministry’s decision that the Salvation Army had the better bid was independently reviewed by PWC.”
  3. The Ministry didn’t cut funding, they have awarded contracts to an alternate “superior” service provider (as stated by the Problem Gambling Foundation in  Statement on Ministry of Health contracts:), the Salvation Army.
  4. I didn’t say  anything about the Problem Gambling Foundation/Salvation Army funding was “just fine” or anything similar.

Lew’s profile on Twitter:

Politics is war by other means. | This is my reckon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

A dirty dishonest war as waged by Lew.

He promotes himself as an author at  Kiwi Politico.

UPDATE: Lew’s response on Twitter suggests it’s a deliberate dishonest attempt to smear. I’ve offered him a right of reply if that’s not the case.

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