Curran rules out Internet party

Clare Curran has categorically ruled out jumping waka and joining the Internet Party.

She was an obvious suspect after an NZ Herald editorial claim:

In interviews with the Herald on Sunday this week, Dotcom and his lieutenants have confirmed they plan to spend up to $2 million in an attempt to get into Parliament with enough MPs to hold the balance of power.

More worrying for Key, they are negotiating a deal with Hone Harawira and claim to be talking to four sitting electorate MPs about joining up with the Internet Party, in the most aggressive poaching exercise in this country’s contemporary political history.

Curran has previously acknowledged visiting Dotcom at his mansion twice – see Clare Curran, Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party and More on Clare Curran and Dotcom.

Curran has ruled out joining Dotcom’s party.


Just for the record people who know me know I am tribal Labour. It’s in my bones. Ruling myself out. Fascinating though.

@Inventory2 a correction might be in order following your unfounded speculation.


@clarecurranmp Is that a categorical denial?


@Inventory2 yes


@clarecurranmp I’m happy to publish that :)

A current electorate MP like Curran would probably be committing political suicide by jumping to the Internet Party.

They would lose the party support that got them elected, and in Curran’s Dunedin South electorate it would seriously risk splitting the Labour vote and making it much easier for National to win. That would be a double disaster.

It would give Dotcom publicity for his party and may (or may not) help his party vote but, especially if unless a waka jumping electorate MP was very high on the Internet Party list, they would likely be sacrificing their own political career.

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