Sue Bradford and Mana-Internet “wouldn’t be possible”

Sue Bradford has continued to speak against any deal between the Mana and Internet parties, saying that if anything happens she would walk away from Mana.

Bradford on RadioLive via 3 News: Dotcom a deal-breaker for Bradford

Mana Party candidate Sue Bradford says she’ll walk away from the party if it enters an agreement with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

Ms Bradford, a former Green Party MP who has been with Mana since its inception in 2011, told RadioLIVE there aren’t many similarities between the two parties.

“I find it incredible that a party with the kaupapa Mana has should be considering going into an alliance with Kim Dotcom – a man who tried to buy off the right and failed and now he seems to have turned to the left to buy the left off,” she says.

“This is so far from the kaupapa I’ve dedicated my life to and I find it quite extraordinary.”

She says it “wouldn’t be possible” for her to stay with the party if it did do a deal with Dotcom.

“I don’t think doing deals with right-wing internet billionaires who are facing a number of legal challenges is the way forward for any party that adheres to the principles of social, and economic and treaty justice that I believe in,” she says.

“We should really be thinking twice about this.”

Ms Bradford says there are others in the party who think the same way she does, and has expressed her views to the party leadership.

It could be a “short-sighted conversation” and a “bubble in a tea cup”, and nothing could come of it in the end, she says.

She also had questions about how Dotcom treats his own staff, who have complained about poor wages and not being paid.

And  via Twitter:

To left friends, re proposed Mana/Dotcom alliance: there is no shortcut to building a genuine movement of the people.

@MorganGodfery makes a good point.

Hone has been pushing for a merger for some time. First with the Maori Party, now it seems the Internet Party. Neither option makes sense.

Harawira must be frustrated by lack of progress with the Mana Party on it’s own, but it could go backwards if it joins up with Dotcom in any way.

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