Dotcom’s Mein Kampf

3 news had a build up to the news tonight:

Kim Dotcom admits to owning Nazi memorabilia. has the exclusive report and I/V explanation at 6.

Kim Dotcom admits to 3News he owns a rare piece of Nazi memorabilia. Exclusive details at 6.

Sabin surprised Dotcom with a question about having Nazi memorabilia. He must have been tipped off.

Dotcom openly admitted to having what is probably one of the earliest copies of Mein Kampf, signed by Hitler. That will be a collectors item with a good chance that it will appreciate in value. It’s sort of interesting, but nothing more.

A couple of immediate reactions:

Dotcom owns one of the rarest copies of Mein Kampf in the world

um, and?

RT : Kim Dotcom admits to 3News he owns a rare piece of Nazi memorabilia. Exclusive details at 6. <- WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?!

The item is up on the 3 News website: Dotcom buys Mein Kampf copy signed by Hitler

    Dotcom fronted up to 3 News to talk politics, not expecting questions about Nazi memorabilia.

    “I’m a Call of Duty player right, so if you know the game Call of Duty it’s all about World War II,” says Dotcom. “I’m a big fan of that and I’ve bought material from Stalin, from Churchill and Hitler.”

    That “material”  includes a very significant and contentious piece of Nazi history.

    “I did buy a book at an auction, which Adlof Hitler wrote – Mein Kampf.”

    Mein Kampf, or My Struggle, is Hitler’s fanatical autobiography, full of what would become Nazi ideology. Four years ago Dotcom bought quite possibly the rarest copy on earth.

    “Adolf Hitler wrote that book in prison,” says Dotcom. “He wrote it with a cellmate there. He signed that book out to that cellmate. So it was one of the first prints and probably the first book that he signed.”

    Dotcom stores the book with a friend in Europe.

    “Let me make absolutely clear – I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology,” says Dotcom. “I’m totally against what the Nazis did. I did buy a cigar holder off Churchill and a pen off Stalin.”

    Dotcom says his purchase is all about his love of World War II video games, and it is also an investment.

    “These things are out there and they are worth a lot of money, and I think in another 100 years that book will probably go up in value times 10.

    “I don’t know if it’s an ethical investment, but if anyone is trying to take this and use it against me, I think it’s clearly wrong. You have got to look at who I am. I have all this foreign stuff.”

3 News concludes:

It is confession time for Dotcom, clearing the decks ahead of his party launch tomorrow – another controversial chapter in the tale of Dotcom.

An odd comment. It was hardly a ‘confession’ and doesn’t seem controversial at all to me.

However that may be only a small part of the story. Whale Oil has much more detail:

Kim Dotcom: Owns rare copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag & loves Adolf Hitler

Further investigations by WOBH have revealed that not only does Kim Dotcom own a signed and autographed copy of Mein Kampf, one of the rarest copies on the market, but he also possesses other Nazi memorabilia.

One item is a Nazi flag, that until recently was displayed in the cellar of his mansion at Coatesville.

The flag was given to him on his birthday in 2011 by one of his guests at his birthday party.

At the time of the birthday and the gift Kim Dotcom exclaimed to all in attendance that this was “the best present he had ever been given”.

One former staff member spoken to by WOBH (who wishes to remain anonymous due to ongoing threats from Dotcom) in our ongoing investigations of the REAL secret life of Kim Dotcom has told us that regularly, at dinner, Nazi salutes would be made and Nazi chants like “Heil Hitler”  and “Sieg Heil” were made, especially if the guests were mainly German.

The 3 News tipoff and the Whale Oil revelations are likely to be timed to damage the launch launch of Dotcom’s Internet Party tomorrow.

Mein Kampf on it’s own seems minor. The wider story may do what it’s intended. It certainly continues the controversies surrounding Dotcom.


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