Harawira pulls back from Internet Party

Hone Harawira has been reported as stating a bottom line for any agreement with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party – that the Internet Party rules out and possible deal with National – and he has also said there will be no more discussions between the Mana and Internet parties in the meantime.

Martyn Bradbury has posted quotes from Harawira at The Daily Blog (but doesn’t give a source) in Hone to Kim – Lose the Square.

“Dotcom would have to commit to getting rid of National and changing the government before MANA would consider any deal with his Internet Party” said MANA Leader Hone Harawira.

“That’s a bottom line for MANA. I resigned from the Maori Party because their relationship with National was, and continues to be, destructive to Maori. We won’t be going back there for anyone”

MANA will work co-operatively with any party, as we do with the Greens and Labour, that is committed to changing the government we’ve got now” said Harawira “And I don’t think the Internet Party is ready to take that stand at the moment”.

“They don’t have a real membership base, clear policies, recognisable political leaders or any candidates.”

“We were happy to talk about the potential for co-operation, but time is short” said Harawira. “We’ve got an election coming up and campaigns to organise, especially in the Maori Seats. Asking the membership to put all that on hold while we wait for the Internet Party to decide what they stand for is just not an option”.

“Our Executive has decided that there won’t be any more meetings on possible co-operation until their intentions are clear” said Harawira “and we’re just going to get on with planning our electorate and party vote campaigns.”

Harawira has sent a strong message – it seems to be common sense but possibly also because he got a strong message from some in his party to bail out of any possible association with the Internet Party.

This has also been reported on 3 News in Mana: Dotcom deal comes with conditions which suggests more consideration  has been given to the strong reaction. A previous report Dotcom-Mana decision expected after launch:

Mr Harawira would not comment today. In fact no one from the party’s hierarchy would. They do not want to give the idea too much early publicity, which could scare their membership.

They say they will wait for the Internet Party to officially launch on Thursday before giving the proposal any serious consideration.


UPDATE: there was no press release on the Mana Party website this morning but it is there now: No to National or no Deal with Mana – Harawira

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