The Internet Party’s biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges for the Internet Party is to be seen as a democratically functioning party of people, policies, candidates and members. And to not be seen a a vehicle for Kim Dotcom’s ego or his revenge, and not to be seen as means of avoiding extradition.

Democracy is not a personal challenge like a role playing computer game.

There’s a lot of interest in the Internet Party, from the politically curious like me to the hopefuls to those totally opposed to Kim Dotcom and his political ambitions.

The party, launching today and hoping to quickly sign up the 500 members required to register as a party, faces many challenges. Some of those will be orchestrated attacks like last night from 3 News with Dotcom buys  Mein Kampf copy signed by Hitler and Whale Oil’s more extensive Kim Dotcom: Owns rare copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag & loves Adolf Hitler [AUDIO].

But the Internet Party’s biggest challenge is to convince voters that it is a party that can operate democratically with a leader and candidates (to be announced in June) beyond Dotcom’s large shadow. If it appears to be operating under Dotcom’s control it will struggle for wide appeal.

They are obviously aware of this. 3 News’ report on today’s launch is headed Internet Party to launch without Dotcom and quotes party Chief Executive Vikram Kumar.

The launch is scheduled for this afternoon, and Mr Dotcom won’t be personally involved.

Mr Kumar is trying to distance the party from the internet tycoon, his upcoming extradition hearing and his various other legal issues.

“He is the founder and visionary but the party is separate from Kim,” Mr Kumar said.

“There is a close association but over time people will see the policies and the candidates, and it will be quite distinct.”

Convincing voters there is a distinction and maintaining that distinction will be a big challenge for the party – and it may be a big challenge for Dotcom. If he is seen (or perceived)  to be meddling or dictating to the party it may struggle. And opponents will be working on building negative perceptions to try and discredit the party.

Oddly the party will launch from Dotcom’s Coatesville house. Dotcom is closely identified with his extravagant ‘mansion’ so it will be difficult to separate the party from the founder and visionary.

And financier. Rich people are often perceived to operate on the “money is power” principle. That will be a common impression of Dotcom.

The party organisation is obviously aware of the importance of being seen to be independent of it’s founder’s dictates. They will work hard on separation and distinction.

Can Dotcom keep his distance and be seen to keep his distance? It will be difficult to remove any perception of any hovering influence.

Can the Internet Party avoid being seen as little more than the Dotcom Party?

That will be one of the party’s biggest challenges.

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  1. insider

     /  27th March 2014

    I note they are using United coulours…so that might become a problem for them when they try to register?


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