Dotcom says Minister would be wrong to overrule courts on his extradition

TV3’s Brook Sabin interviewed Dotcom and asked him if.

This was discussed and summarised on Firstline on Thursday:

Sabin: Now the justice minister would have the final say about extradition if it got to that point. Russel Norman of course made comments in recent months saying if he was part of a government he would want overturn that decision from the courts. Now Kim Dotcom took a swipe at that yesterday saying that was the wrong thing to say.

Dotcom: That was very unfortunate because I believe in the New Zealand judicial system and I wouldn’t accept any Minister of Justice to overrule what the courts are deciding after a long time evaluating all these legal challenges so I think that would be wrong.

That’s a clear indication from Dotcom that he believes that our legal processes should not be interfered with by politicians, although Dotcom doesn’t appear to understand that the Minister of Justice does have a duty to consider extradition requests if the court determines eligibility for surrender.

Judith Collins explained the extradition process.

Once the court has determined an individual is eligible for surrender, the matter is referred to me, as Minister of Justice, for the final decision on the surrender. As Minister I decide whether to issue a surrender order, taking into account humanitarian considerations and other factors contained in the Extradition Act.

The minister can overrule on very specific grounds, but Dotcom seems to have suggested it shouldn’t be on political grounds.



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