Harawira and Dotcom sound keen, what about the Internet Party?

Harawira (Hone) and Dotcom seem keen on an alliance. There’s some enthusiasm in the Mana Party.

Dotcom was reported after speaking:

Kim Dotcom says a deal between his Internet Party and Hone Harawira’s Mana party is likely to go ahead after addressing Mana’s AGM this afternoon.

He said a tie up with Mana was “a win win situation so I think it’s more likely than unlikely.”

And the Mana Party get to debate it and decide:

However a decision on whether to continue discussions towards an alliance is expected after Mana members thrash out the issue this afternoon.

Dotcom still seems to be calling all the shots.

A Harawira/Dotcom alliance will be interesting if it happens.

But where does the Internet Party come in to this?

At the time of the Internet Party launch their Chief Executive Vikram Kumar said that the party was going to distance itself from it’s founder Kim Dotcom, but Dotcom dominated the launch.

Two days later Kumar took over the interview on The Nation after Dotcom ‘withdrew’.

Well the problem is, how can you move away from Kim Dotcom because he is the founder, I mean this party seems to be the whim of a rich man, and probably a vanity project?

VK: Yeah and that’s absolutely incorrect, but I understand why some perceptions might be like that. I would have loved it if we had more progress by now, and had a party leader who could be sitting here talking to you about that. But that’s the reality is, we need a few more weeks, we are very early in the stage, we are on track. I know it’s a short election and we have to move at internet speed, but we’ll get there.

Yeah, but people want to know, if it’s not Kim Dotcom, who’s going to be the face of this party? Who’s going to be the president? Who’s going to be the person sticking their hand up and saying vote for me?

VK: Yup, and part of that is going to be answered. As Kim has said there is discussions going on with a sitting electorate MP
All right, well who is that?

VK: well, I don’t know…
You don’t know?

VK: No I don’t.

Since then @InternetParty has been busy on Twitter but Dotcom remains prominent. He has promoted a member’s only picnic at his residence in Coatseville.

And he is dominating the alliance with Harawira and the Mana Party.

Members (who are in the Auckland area) get to picnic, but do they get any say in the alliance? Does anyone in the Internet Party other than Dotcom get to have any say?

It will be a challenge for the Internet Party to work with the very different Mana Party should an alliance go ahead.

It also looks to be a challenge for the party to be seen as a party and not just one ‘visionary’ who can’t stand for Parliament.


The Chief Executive of the Internet Party was asked:

Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira are promoting a Mana/Internet Party alliance. The Mana Party get to discuss and decide this afternoon.

What involvement does the Internet Party have in this decision?

He has replied:

Kim is leading the discussion with MANA on behalf of the Internet Party.

Reference: PoliticheckWill party members decide on Mana/Internet Party alliance?

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