Fast lane for caravan holidays

Labour have announced transport policy that would ban trucks from using the fast lane of motorways.


Heavy trucks have a speed limit of 90 km/h. If they drive in the fast lane on multi-lane roads, they either slow down light vehicle traffic or, frequently, exceed their speed limit. This is both inconvenient for other road users and dangerous.


 Eliminate an unnecessary hassle by removing the annual registration charge for light trailers and caravans.


Cars and caravans can go on holiday unimpeded by trucks in the fast lane – except that towing vehicles also have a speed limit of  90 km/h.

They might be reasonable wee tweaks but it’s not going to set the holidays on fire.


  1. Dave Stonyer

     /  April 15, 2014

    Now I know there is a saboteur from the National Party working for the Labour Party! How else can anyone possibly explain the weird announcements coming from Labour?

  2. Goldie

     /  April 15, 2014

    The “policy” is completely befuddling. Does Labour really believe that there are a lot of votes amongst caravan owners?
    Labour’s previous policy statements have come in for a lot of criticism. But this policy is so… bizarre, that I wonder if the Labour Research Unit are having a joke. It is like something from McGillicuddy Serious Party.
    Or maybe this was a policy that was supposed to be released on 1 April, and Cunliffe got the release date wrong?

    • Warm fussy feelings are generated by caravans, oft these types memory’s are filtered by us and bear no reality. It is a ‘awe isn’t that nice’ ‘The man and wife struggling to getaway for a good ‘kiwi’ holiday now can’. Looked at Rationally and without emotion it bears no value. You are showing a level of logic. Kiwi’s swing voters go on ‘Feelings’ the swing voters are the ones that this is targeted at. 75% of voters would never change vote. No point to even try baisinging them.

  3. Still doesn’t attract (or buy) my vote. I’m quite happy about the annual registration charge for light trailers and caravans, they use the road, don’t they? Just as I’m happy about 6-monthly WOFs, it does to harm to have a regular check-up.