Check what your tax is spent on

Maxim Institute have a website/app that shows you how much tax you pay on s specified income and how that tax is pread across Government expenditure.

Income Tax Tracker

Here’s an example for $50,000:

Income Tax Tracker 1

Income Tax Tracker 2

The Tracker app is interactive, if you point to any section on the chart it shows the expenditure.

The Maxim media release:


Did you know that your tax pays more towards subsidising tertiary education than for the Police and foreign aid combined?

Today the Government announces the new Budget, giving us spending figures in the millions and even billions – and unless you’re an economist or a policy aficionado, it’s hard to grasp what’s really going on.

We’re here to help. At 6pm we launch our free Tax Tracker web app at with today’s new Budget info – feel free to check out the current version now, and we’ll let you know the moment we go live with the update.

The plan? An easy to use, mobile compatible tool giving New Zealanders a much-needed sense of scale in one click.

Simply enter a salary figure, hit ‘GO,’ and find out how much income tax you will pay this year, and how the Government plans to use it with an instant, individualised “tax receipt” based on today’s hot-off-the-press numbers.

What’s new? We’ve added a feature to this year’s Tax Tracker where you can toggle to compare how Government spending has changed on your tax receipt between the 2013 Budget and today’s new figures.

Check out now and find out where your money is going.

This free web app is powered by the team at Maxim Institute, as part of our goal to inform and encourage public engagement in the political process in New Zealand.

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