Who chose Harre?

The choice of leader for leader of the Internet Party was always going to raise eyebrows and attention.

Laile Harre could be seen as an inspired choice or as a misfit.

She seems to have been chosen in part on her acceptability to Mana  and as an aid to their merger for the election.

Harre injects substantial political skill and experience – but she hasn’t been in Parliament since 2002 so if successful in the election she will still have a huge learning curve getting back up to speed, especially if she ends up being the sole Internet Party MP.

John Banks found it difficult coming back, he has extensive political experience but sole charge starting virtually from scratch was a huge task. It would be even harder for Harre.

There looks to be a good chance Harre could get in at number two on the party list but the next Internet Party candidate will be number 5 and that will be very difficult to succeed from there.

While Harre may be a good choice for her experience she is an odd fit in the Internet Party if it is still supposed to have an internet emphasis. Harre appears to have little experience with this and she doesn’t appear to fit with the expressed target constituency of net savvy young people with little interest on voting.

Harre hasn’t been chosen for this. She has very left wing credentials. How will this be received by the party membership? Some at least will be surprised by the choice.

Who chose Harre? The Internet Party says it operates on very democratic principles but the party rules give the final say to the board. Did members have any say in choosing Harre? How will members feel about her in charge?

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  1. Pongo

     /  29th May 2014

    She was clearly chosen by Hone as part of the same deal that Dotcom is using as a backstop to stop his extradition. Dotcom provides Mana with much needed cash Hone may hold the balance of power as a result and extradition can only happen if signed off by justice minister.
    To think that the principled left could sell out like this is incredible.

  2. Goldie

     /  29th May 2014

    Who chose Laila Harre? I think it is that Kim Dotcom found a woman who was willing to do what he wanted in return for money. It will be interesting to know how much Laila Harre is worth – Bradbury sold himself to Kim Dotcom few a few thousand dollars and a laptop, so I really hope Laila Harre sold herself for more than that.

  3. Zedd

     /  31st May 2014

    Clearly this is a ‘marriage of convenience’ where both sides have things to gain by ‘jumping into bed’.. BUT they are both ultimately driven by the same goal; to get rid of the ‘Key-Party’ & their CRONY Capitalist agenda.. driving the country further right & looking after THEIR wealthy mates !!
    “More power to the LEFT..” ?


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