Greed for power versus democracy

The current use ( some say misuse) of our MMP system is only partly the game rules’ fault – thresholds and coat tailing are fiddles designed to benefit the larger parties.

But any democratic system will only ever be as good as what the players (in particular) and the voters make of it. The desperation for power will corrupt any system.

The biggest problem is that there is no provision for a ‘pox on all their houses’ vote. More and more voters protest by withdrawing from the game but that doesn’t punish the manipulators and the corrupters of democracy.

It’s a huge irony that the IMP circus thinks they can pick up the votes of the disillusioned (or the never illusioned).

There’s a huge opportunuty for a principled party but there’s no sign of getting one. the system and the turn off is against it. The two latest political incarnations are attempts by rich people to buy power.

We are seeing what happens when greed for power shits on democracy. Even what appeared to be sensible and reasonable people have been sucked in to the sewer.

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