Internet Party candidate shortlist

The Internet Party have posted their candidate shortlist online:

“Meet the shortlist of 22 for our Candidate Challenge”

This list has been chosen after a series of meetings around the country.

The Internet Party is delighted with the response to our candidate application.

About 150 people from a diverse range of backgrounds have applied. Preliminary screenings to assess potential candidates will begin soon. These are happening around the country at the dates and venues below. All Internet Party members are encouraged to attend to meet other members and your potential Internet Party candidates. Following the preliminary events, a final Internet Party Candidate Search event will take place in Auckland on Saturday June 7.


20 tickets left for tomorrow’s #CandidateChallenge at Q Theatre! Get in while you still can! Will be streamed also.


The party leader has already been chosen – Laila Harre

The combined Internet-MANA list will be:

  1. Hone Harawira (Mana)
  2. Laila Harre (Internet)
  3. Annette Sykes (Mana)
  4. John Minto (Mana)
  5. Internet candidate
    – alternating Mana-Internet from there

It’s going to be very challenging for them to get four or more MPs so the top candidates from this Candidate Challenge list are an outside chance only of getting into Parliament.


Today is a big day for the Internet Party. The final Candidate challenge. Time for our members to pick 15 leaders.

That is 15 selected from 22.

But the party executive committee will get to have the final say. The current committee is self appointed:

There will be an inaugural Executive Committee consisting of the founders of the Internet Party. The inaugural members of Internet Party Assets Incorporated will be the inaugural members of the Executive Committee. In the Internet Party’s second year, there will be an Annual General Meeting for Members to elect an Executive Committee as per these rules.

The selection process:


12.1 The Executive Committee shall determine the selection and approval of Party List candidates and Electoral candidates for election to Parliament.

Selection Pledge

12.2 All candidates must sign and agree to abide by a formal written selection pledge which shall contain (without limitation):
12.2.1. Confirmation that the candidate is a New Zealand citizen;
12.2.2.Confirmation of eligibility and suitability for nomination to Parliament;
12.2.3. An undertaking to uphold and abide by the objectives and rules of the Internet Party;
12.2.4.An undertaking to promote and abide by the manifesto of the Internet Party; and
12.2.5.Any other matters the Executive Committee considers relevant.

12.3 The Executive shall also distribute to candidates:
12.3.1. The process for resigning from the Party List or as an Electorate Candidate, as determined by the Executive Committee; and
12.3.2. Any other matters the Executive Committee deems appropriate.

Selecting the Party List

12.4 The Internet Party’s Executive Committee shall produce the Party List. The process for selecting the Party List is:
12.4.1. In a general election year, the Executive Committee shall decide the time periods and deadlines for each stage of selecting the Party List;
12.4.2. The Party Secretary shall call for nominations for the Party List in accordance with the time period and deadline set by the Executive Committee;
12.4.3. Only Full members may be nominated for the Party List. Full members may nominate themselves for the Party List;
12.4.4. At the close of nominations, the Executive Committee shall rank nominees and produce an “Indicative Party List”, with no less than 9 and no more than 121 candidates;
12.4.5. The Party Secretary will distribute the “Indicative Party List” to members for consultation;
12.4.6. Members will rank the candidates on the “Indicative Party List”, in accordance with their own preferences, and will return the ranked “Indicative Party List” to the Party Secretary within a time period set by the Executive Committee;
12.4.7. Having regard to the ranked lists provided by members, the Executive Committee will produce a “Final Party List” at its sole discretion that will constitute the final Party List.

12.5 The Executive Committee will be responsible for determining the procedure for implementing the provisions of clause 12.4 and the Party Secretary must notify all members of that procedure prior to nominations being called for.

Selecting Electorate Candidates

12.6 Once the Party List has been finalised, the Executive Committee may ask candidates on the Party List to stand in electorates as Electorate candidates.
12.7 Which electorates candidates are asked to stand in is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
12.8 Party List candidates may decline to stand in an electorate and can remain on the Party List.


12.9 In determining the ranking of candidates in the Final Party List, the Executive Committee shall actively maintain and promote economic, cultural, social, ethnic, age, geographic, and gender diversity, and will promote equality as far as is practicable.

Democratic participation

12.10 Every Member is entitled to actively participate in ranking the Indicative Party List.


12.11 The Executive Committee is empowered to remunerate members of the Party List through agreement with them.

The process promotes participatory democracy but the final say on everything is by a (currently) non-democratically chosen executive committee.

It appears that the leader (Laila Harre) was head hunted and appointed by the executive.

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