Reactions on Green abortion policy

David Cunliffe’s not commenting on the Greens’ abortion policy, leaving it to Labour members. Judith Collins says current system works well.

Not surprising to see Cunliffe avoiding committing to anything on it.

The current system may “work well” but it’s a shameful sham. I doubt National as a party would support this, and if dealt with as a conscience issue there may be only minority support.

During last  yr’s leadership race, said abortion law needs urgent review, should go to Law Comm. Does he still think that?

Here’s a reference to that from Young Labour.

Do you believe that abortion should be decriminalised?

Cunliffe:  I want to see a woman’s right to choose protected.  The current law hasn’t been reviewed for many years and I think that is now urgent.  The Law Commission would be best placed to undertake this review as it is a conscience issue which splits across parties.

Robertson:  All women should have the right to control and determine their own reproductive health.  That is an absolute non negotiable.  In my mind, our current abortion laws fall outside this principle and need to be reformed.


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