Craig’s Conservatives cold shouldered

While Colin Craig is still hopeful National will help him win an Auckland electorate there’s no sign of it happening. National will be wary of an electorate deal after last election’s cup of tea debacle, and they will be wary of potentially negative effects of an association with Craig.

Radio NZ report that Craig is still sending out hopeful signals in Craig expects National will stand aside.

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he expects the National Party will stand aside for him in a seat in Auckland’s North Shore.

The National Party itself has not said it will, but Mr Craig said on past record it is likely National will reach an accommodation with him.

The Conservative Party has been touted as a likely coalition partner with National, if ACT can’t make it over the line following the resignation of John Banks.

Touted by Craig but there hasn’t been much sign of touting from National, in fact the opposite, all they seem to be showing is a cold shoulder.

Stuff reports that John Key has deliberately avoided being seen near Craig in PM’s wife to blame for Fieldays no-show.

Prime Minister John Key says a late change to his schedule meaning he will miss Fieldays at Mystery Creek in Hamilton on Friday was under the orders of his wife, Bronagh. Key was to visit Fieldays on the same day as Conservative Party leader Colin Craig. Things could have got awkward if Key and Craig had spent the day dodging each other rather than risk sending the wrong signals about their [political] relationship. 

Despite Craig waving frantically trying to attract their attention Key and National continue to avoid any sign of interest.

Conservatives really need some indication they can be seen as a serious contender in the election. They are not making any impression.

But National are obviously not in any hurry. And they need to be cautious.

So the Key cold shoulder continues to cool Conservative ambitions.

UPDATE: From Steve’ link in comments:

The Prime Minister could find himself hosting a tea party in the coming weeks – revealing he plans to name all the support partners that National wants to work with, in a single day.

John Key’s already indicated ACT, the Maori Party and the Conservative Party are the likely partners.

But instead of individual cup-of-tea-style deals, he’s planning one big announcement of who’s in and who’s out.

“Id like to be a bit more transparent about that because I think that maturity is now there in the New Zealand public that they think it’s better to know.

“We’d like to deal with them all at one time.”

That’s non-committal regarding helping the Conservatives in an electorate (although it doesn’t rule that out). ACT and the Maori Party have had seats this term and have established electorate presences, something the Conservative Party doesn’t have.

It sounds little more than has been said before, that National could work with Conservatives if they get any MPs into Parliament.

“In the coming weeks” could be leaving it very late for Conservatives to set up an electorate campaign. It’s now less than fifteen weeks until the election and Craig’s electorate options are still appear to be in limbo.

More from NBR in Coat-tail deals ‘a few weeks away’, says Key.

“Whether we do any, all or none of them, is a few weeks away,” said Key of the potential deals, which he only offer meaningfully for Act, United Future and the Conservatives as National is weak in the Maori electorate of Waiariki where the Maori Party leader, Te Uruora Flavell, must win.

Asked whether he was willing still to do an electorate deal for Craig, Key said “he hasn’t approached me”, but believed Craig was not seeking such an arrangement, citing public comments earlier this year. 

That is not sounding very hopeful for Craig.

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  1. steve

     /  10th June 2014

    The only problem with your summary is that it ignores what Key is actually saying.

  1. Politics Daily | Homepaddock

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