Civilian Party and United Future announce campaign deal

The Civilian Party and United Future have announced a joint campaign deal similar to Internet-MANA.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne and Civilian founder Ben Uffindell say it is a sensible union as there is more in common between them than between Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira.

Both of them went to school and university in Christchurch.

“I lead a party and I’m a civilian, that’s exactly the same as Ben” said Dunne.

“We had a problem that people wouldn’t take us seriously, this shows that we can also be sensible” said Uffindell.

The parties had both experienced the difficulty of signing up 500 members, and both were relying substantially on the same donor for their campaign funds, the Electoral Commission.

The deal would combine the complementary age and experience of United Future with the youth and spoof of The Civilian.

The joint party will be called Civilised Future.

There were some obvious differences but Dunne said there were precedents, citing the obvious differences between Dotcom and Harawira.

He also pointed out previous parties with contrasting personalities, like Bill and Ben, and especially McGillicuddy and Serious.

Uffindell was looking forward to joint policy development, combining his fresh ideas with those of a wily old campaigner.

One policy that was likely to have appeal to voters of all ages was Flexi-Icecream. This would allow people to choose their own flavour.

Dunne and Uffindell will be joint party leaders. The rest of the party list will alternate between fishers, shooters and satirists.

They will differentiate themselves from other parties by targeting people who voted last election.

They were confident that Dunne’s experience with worms and Uffindell’s barbs would combine to catch a significant number of votes.

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  1. Graham

     /  12th June 2014

    Great stuff Pete – laughed out loud at “Civilised Future”.

  2. “This would allow people to choose their own flavour.”
    Comedy gold.

  1. Politics Daily | Homepaddock

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