Three MPs for Te Tai Tokerau?

Ex Mana candidate Clinton Dearlove has announced he is standing as an Independent for Te Tai Tokerau.

Dearlove says that if he wins the electorate vote then Kelvin Davis will get in on the Labour list and Hone Harawira, backed by $3 million and the Internet Party, will get in too. That will be three MPs for Te Tai Tokerau.

Clinton Dearlove tonight announced that he shall be standing in the Te Tai Tokerau election as an Independent.

Mr Dearlove shall be running a “Vote Dearlove Get 3” campaign, he goes on to say

“Kelvins high list placing for Labour, and Hones access to over $3 million with his list placing shall see them elected to Parliament.”


“If the voters of Te Tai Tokerau vote strategically it is possible to have 3 MP’s for the electorate. We shall only be seeking the electorate not the party vote in this election.”

“We shall be campaigning on building healthy communities, underpinned by 5 key policy areas Health, Education, Housing, Employment, and Regional Development” says Mr Dearlove.

Dearlove explains more in a Facebook video:

Our team has calculated that with Koro Kelvin Davis’ high placing in the Labour Party, that he shall get into Parliament on the list.

With over three million dollars at Papa Hone’s disposal, that he also will be in Parliament on the list.

So we will be running a ‘Vote Dearlove, get three’ campaign.

This would depend on MANA winning a different electorate, perhaps via Annette Sykes, or the Internet-MANA umbrella party getting 5% or more of the party vote.

Where we, Te Tai Tokerau, will have three seats in Parliament, we will have three voices speaking for our whanau, for our hapu, for our te Tai Tokerau.

This is an interesting proposal. I campaigned on something similar in Dunedin North last election (where the electorate could have had three or four MPS) but the media ignored the innovative approach – and so did the voters, most of whom never heard about it.

There are major hurdles to overcome if this were to succeed in Te Tai Tokerau. Both Davis and Harawira would just about have to support the concept and campaign accordingly. I doubt very much MANA and Harawira would take the risk, the success of Internet-MANA may depend on Harawira’s success.

Dearlove could have an adverse effect, and this may be more likely. If he takes enough of Harawira’s votes this would significantly improve the chances of Davis winning the seat, so Dearlove would miss out and also a possible failure for not just Harawira but also Internet-MANA.

Harawira may also lose votes through his alliance with Kim Dotcom.

And this depends on Davis getting into a list position where he will get into Parliament. He was placed too low in 2011 and there’s doubts about where Labour’s cut-off will be this time.

It’s most likely Dearlove won’t get any traction for his proposed three for one campaign but it’s an interesting approach. More electorates should try it.

Mr Dearlove when asked about about the other candidates in this years election stated “I look forward to helping Papa Hone feed the kids, and am quite excited about also helping Koro Kelvin with educating our kids.” Mr Dearlove finished by saying “This election should not be about us the candidates as individuals but as part of a community.”

Dearlove stood for Mana in te Tai Tonga in 2011, at the opposite end of the country to Te Tai Tokerau. Dearlove was fourth:

  • Rino Tirikatene (Labour) – 6,786 (40.62%)
  • Rahu Katene (Maori) – 5,311 (31.79%
  • Dora Roimata Langsbury (Green) – 2,546 (15.24%
  • Dearlove (Mana) – 1,360 (8.14%)
  • Emma-Jane Mihaere Kingi (Legalise Cannabis) – 703 (4.21%)
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