MFAT immunity muck up – are there more?

The MFAT muck up over the Malaysian immunity case raises enough questions of it’s own, up through the ranks of the Ministry to Murray McCully.

Vernon Small touches on possible wider problems in Buck needs to stop for Mfat’s botch-ups.

There are some other questions that go beyond the official level too which the Government needs to address.

Would the public ever have been informed of the “immunity waiver” without media inquiries in this and other cases?

The signals coming out of the Beehive are “probably not”.

These cases should routinely be disclosed because the public have a right to know when the judicial system has been thwarted by the Vienna Convention and which countries invoke immunity, and in what circumstances.

There is no reason to shield any country from the New Zealand public’s right to judge their actions in such instances, particularly where alleged criminality has occurred against a member of the public.

Some things are simply beyond any “diplomatic” instinct to repair and smooth relations.

How was the Herald informed about the case and why? It seems to have been leaked information which is a very poor way to deal with this out of a diplomatic organisation where following protocols are supposed to be paramount.

And there’s a big question that needs to be asked.

Have other criminal cases been swept under the diplomatic carpet?

This was probably an unusually serious case, but the public and possibly our politicians simply don’t know. We should.

There needs to be full and open disclosure from MFAT on what if any other cases involving immunity there have been. We need to know if there have been more muck ups and if there have been more cases kept secret from the public.

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