Cunliffe meant well, too late now

I deliberately left a comment from David Cunliffe out of my last post because I thought the issue of violence was too important to be overshadowed by his leading sentence. But it has, predictably, blown up big time.

When announcing Labour’s anti-violence policy he said:

I’m sorry for being a man right now, family and sexual violence is perpetrated overwhelmingly by men against women and children.

I understand what he was trying to get across, and it may have gone down well with a female audience.

But to address violence properly you have to get men on your side.

This was one of the worst things he could have said to do that. Especially to get the men who need to change their attitudes to listen rather than mock or groan.

That’s sad. This is a critical issue to get as much support – from as many men and as many parties as possible.

It shows how new Cunliffe is to the coal face of violence as an issue. A man in nappies in that regard.

See how Kelvin Davis spoke about the same wish without wringing his hands or slapping his face.

Kelvin has been campaigning against violence for a while, he could have given some good advice. Too late for that now.



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  1. Brown

     /  4th July 2014

    He leads a party where they are unsure what a man really is so he can be excused.

  2. Mr Cunliffe separated himself from the pack mentality of men and said what needed to be said as a real man AND as a gentleman. Well done.


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