Conservatives: “Call us crazy…”

The latest Conservative Party website promotion begins:

Call us crazy, but the way we see it a politician’s job 
is to follow the instructions voters give them.

I’m not sure who has given instructions here:

Cunliffe must really, REALLY hate research
Press Release: Steve Taylor

David “Tricky Dicky” Cunliffe must really, REALLY hate research, given his recent foray into Education.

David “Tricky Dicky” Cunliffe

“Smaller class sizes” whines Mr Cunliffe.

“2000 extra teachers” bleats Mr Cunliffe.

“$350 million to fund it” gasps Mr Cunliffe.

What an intellectual lightweight Mr Cunliffe must be , says me.

If I could show you a summary of 50,000 individual research studies, and over 800 meta-analytic (a study of studies) studies, that concluded that “smaller class sizes” don’t make any difference at all to teaching outcomes, and that teacher quality, reinforced by regular real-time supervision and incremental skills and performance progress via regular evaluation was the key to teaching success, what would your response be?

Incredulity? Surprise? Disbelief?

Unfortunately for “Tricky Dicky” Cunliffe, one of my academic roles is as an Outcomes Researcher, so every time Cunliffe makes a populist, vacuous, absent-of-evidence claim about………..well…………anything, then I can simply smash his claims down with valid, reliable, and consistent evidence to the contrary.

Professor John Hattie is a name known by most in the International Education field, and he is one of our own.

Here is a study presentation that Professor John Hattie has compiled that illustrates the factor effect size of “what works” in delivering quality teaching.

Class size ranked 105th out of 138.

Seriously, if David “Tricky Dicky” Cunliffe is the supposed IQ and debating giant of the Labour Party, then I literally cannot wait until we cross paths in the public arena.

Because for me, it is going to be a case of Barrel, meet fish, with me doing the shooting.

Not mentioned, but Taylor is apparently the Conservative opponent of Cunliffe in the New Lynn electorate. It follows another media release: Conservative Party Candidate not going to apologise:

“Waitakere Man” Conservative Party Candidate not going to apologise for “being a man”.

A West Auckland private social service provider, academic, consumer advocate, media commentator and local West Auckland resident says that it is time for the electorate of New Lynn to have a parliamentary representative who actually lives in the area representing the Electorate, and not one in David Cunliffe who is so willing to emasculate his own gender whilst being perpetually absent from his electorate.

After 51 years of the Labour Party flying in outsiders into the New Lynn electorate, I’m now standing up under the banner of the Conservative Party of New Zealand and as a local resident of West Auckland, and saying “Vote for a Local –Vote for Steve Taylor – & Party Vote Conservative”.

Well, we have had an invitation to call them crazy.

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  1. Oh Peter, Peter, Peter…………what is your evidence, contrary to what I have posted?

  2. The Fallen One

     /  8th July 2014

    Peter, I don’t think that Steve Taylor is crazy. He is just proving that he can be exactly like David Cunliffe… he plays the Nasty Card so well he must have been studying his opponent for years.
    What is it with (wannabe) politicians these days that they have to resort to name calling rather than debating facts, issues or policies?

  3. Fallen One: I have presented facts regarding policy regarding the issue “Tricky Dicky” Cunliffe has raised – haven’t heard anything meaningful to the contrary. And it’s Steve “Waitakere Man” Taylor.

  4. The Fallen One

     /  8th July 2014

    Steve, If you want to get your point across, you should be able to do it without lowering yourself to your opponent’s level. It is a shame that you had to resort to this type of ‘game playing’ to get your point across, as I think it will turn people off you that rather getting them to vote for you.
    If the NZCP (or it’s candidates) feel that they have to use this sort of approach, then they are not the party for me.
    Disclosure: I have voted National or ACT all of my voting life (and was involved in two ACT campaigns), so am not a leftie. I am looking for a party on the right that I can support, and your style has cost Colin a Party Vote.

  5. The Fallen One

     /  8th July 2014

    Looking forward to the 21st of September. We’ll see who is laughing then. At this stage it will be two votes to National for me.

  6. As I said – you ain’t ready for us……………………

    • Steve – the trick is being ready for voters, not voters being ready for the Conservative Party. You’ve got an interesting approach – at least it differentiates you from Colin Craig.

      • Hi Pete,

        Oh, I suspect there are about 120,000 voters (and counting) that are ready for us. I don’t do “tricks” – that’s Cunliffe’s thing, not mine.

  7. Choosing Steve Taylor’s a bit of an interesting one for Colin Craig. Just as they are actively trying to undo the damage by Colin’s flaky comments on conspiracy theories, they put up a candidate who was deputy leader of a lunatic fringe party who hasn’t exactly won plaudits for appearing, how to say it, ‘parliament ready’.

  8. nzinternettrolls

     /  26th July 2014

    Come on Steve, it’s all here :

  9. Hi Pete, your last poster has just opened up your site to the potential for legal action by the you-know-whose lawyer. The posters name is Grant King, and he has been banned from nearly every known NZ based political blog (the latest was Whaleoil) over the past week. He is a parasitic little man and a convicted sex offender, who I took to the cleaners when he tried to stop me publically representing the 71 fraud victims King ripped off for over $3 million dollars over a 31 year period:

    Grant King SST profile:

  10. Richard Yossarian, as I live and breathe – only took you about three years for you to finally reveal your name – how is Wellington treating you? How about you put your name to your blog as well? Grant King and Richard Yossarian: is this the best the left have to offer – anonymous bloggers?

    You both want to be famous? Excellent – this can be arranged.

  11. nzinternettrolls

     /  27th July 2014

    Steve, you are pathetic, you name every opposing blogger as Grant King, get real !!! I think I am far above that worm.
    The fact that you don’t know who some bloggers are really gets up your nelly doesn’t it?
    Your political life will be as short this time as it has been in the past and there will be nobody to blame for your failure at the polls this time but yourself.
    Like you say “sunshine is the best disinfectant” and the sun has just shone on your parade.

    And on the subject of naming “you know who”, it was you who named him, published and loudly challenged him to bring on the lawyers…so when do you appear in court Steve?

    • Hi Pete, again, your call, but Mr “internettrolls” anonymous King is currently compromising your site. Mr King is currently awaiting the outcome of a indefinite bankruptcy hearing in the Auckland High Court, and is currently facing another raft of other charges bought by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Enterprise.

      Hey Grant, if I do make it to Parliament, I’m going to name a Consumer Protection Law after you – something for the grandkids to be proud of, huh?

  12. Hey Grant: you thought you had media coverage before? Oh my goodness, you haven’t seen anything yet:

  13. nzinternettrolls

     /  27th July 2014

    Keep it coming Steve, the Press have open season on political wannabe’s now, or haven’t you noticed?
    Call me who you like, your wrong , but will never accept it.
    At least the voters can see how possessed you are, how unbalanced your logic is , and Colin Craig will realise that he does not need, nor can he afford to have such a loose cannon standing for his party.
    Enjoy your campaign.

    • Hey Grant: Oh, you of all people should know that I “keep it coming”. How about you stop being afraid of your own name and publish under it? I will be delighted when the media pick up the link between you and me – I’m not sure Trident Cycles will be though – how is the placement of the new cameras going out at 103 Mill Rd? Still driving the blue Crewman? Your registration has expired on the Horse float as well – might want to fix that up?


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