Labour have sharpened their knitting needles

Earlier this week David Cunliffe acknowledged that he had made mistakes but would be starting a fight-back and focus on the things that mattered.

Stuff reported: Cunliffe: The fightback begins now

“I am sure that the caucus will be as determined as I am that we stick to our knitting and to our core messages about jobs, homes and families, and avoid distractions,” Cunliffe said.

“We have got past anger a long time ago, we are focused on what a campaign needs – a positive contribution by everybody and focused on the issues that matter.”

Labour’s campaign slogan is VotePositive.

The big thing being discussed today was sparked by another Stuff article:  Labour claims Hosking’s biased.

The Labour Party is in a standoff with TVNZ over plans to use presenter Mike Hosking to moderate the live televised leaders’ debates.

A Labour source said that, despite protestations, the party was unlikely to pull out of the two scheduled TVNZ debates. “When we heard it was Hosking the initial reaction was ‘Are you f…ing joking?’ But we are trying to get it changed. We are not making a hullabaloo about nothing, we’d rather they get someone else.”

Senior Labour MP Grant Robertson said he was not part of the negotiations, but joked: “If it’s true, we’d rather have Jeremy Wells as Mike Hosking, than Mike Hosking.”

Cunliffe said he was not involved in the negotiations. Chief of staff Matt McCarten is understood to be overseeing the arrangements.

It’s all over Twitter. And Labour blogs are full of it:

Rob Salmond at Polity:  Mike Hosking and this has been re-posted at The Standard: Polity: Mike Hosking

Is this Labour sticking to it’s knotting?

They have sharpened their needles and are taking stabs at the media.

It almost looks like Labour has conceded defeat already and are making excuses in advance. “Poor us” laments and blaming the media are only going to increase the electoral damage.

It’s a very difficult situation for them but they have to do something to not contradict their ‘VotePositive” slogan.


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  1. kiwidave

     /  24th July 2014

    Seriously? Mike Hosking? Is this how far TVNZ wants to dumb down this election? As Andrea Vance at Stuff reports:…They have at least three other hosts who can do this job so much better: Corin Dann, Susan Wood, Rachel Smalley.. Hosking may have called Cunliffe a moron – I know who the real moron is (and his bosses)

  2. Ian McKinnon

     /  24th July 2014

    It is now abundantly clear why Cunliffe apologised for apologising for being a man, He would have the backbone of a whitebait, displaying the draft-dodging background from where he originates. Harden up Cunliffe, you are a disgrace to your party, and the country as a whole.

  3. Durbury

     /  25th July 2014

    And John Campbell is well known to be left-leaning and soft on anyone from Labour. Has anyone from National bleated about him being involved in political debates or pre-election programmes? No. Labour will act like a bunch of 10 year old cissies whenever their feathers are ruffled and things don’t go their way. Grow some kahunas Labour.


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