National down, Labour up in latest poll

National have dropped significantly and Labour have recovered in the latest Roy Morgan poll, but Greens are also down reducing the right to left swing.

Volatility and uncertainty are apparent.

  • National 46% (down 5%)
  • Labour Party 30% (up 6.5%)
  • Greens 12% (down 3)
  • NZ First 5% (down 1%)
  • Internet-Mana Party  2.5% (up 1%)
  • Maori Party 1.5% (up 0.5%)
  • ACT NZ (0.5%, unchanged)
  • United Future 0.5% (unchanged)
  • Conservative Party of NZ 1% (unchanged)
  • Independent/ Others 1% (up 1%)

The string of embarrassments for National seem to have taken their toll. They will be getting a bit anxious after this result.

Internet-Mana are climbing on the back of sustained publicity and promotions.

The Conservatives are nowhere near the levels claimed by Colin Craig and Christine Rankin.

Electors were asked: “If a New Zealand Election were held today which party would receive your party vote?” This latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted by telephone – both landline and mobile telephone, with a NZ wide cross-section of 818 electors from July 14-27, 2014. Of all electors surveyed 6.5% (up 1%) didn’t name a party.

Roy Morgan poll 31 July 2014

New Zealand Voting Intention Summary

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  1. supergoldcardholder

     /  31st July 2014

    I’ve got a hundred bucks that says NZF is good for 7 – 8% on the night.
    Any takers?

  2. Fingers crossed that people are finally ‘seeing sense’.. ‘Team Key’ are only looking after the wealthy.. the brighter future they promise is only for the top 10-20%.
    ‘you can’t fool all the people all the time’ except maybe on Planet-Key & other fantasy worlds.

  3. marie

     /  31st July 2014

    Well, let them eat cake!

  4. IGM

     /  1st August 2014

    If this were to be the outcome you lefties will see unemployment like never seen before. Most of our colleagues have contingencies for a Labour/Green takeover, and believe me, they don’t include kowtowing to a bunch of envious losers. We personaly, have only one property left to sell, and am prepared to take a drop to be free to get to hell out and sart up elsewhere. We have done it before, and will do it again! I will never ever have some unemployable unionist telling me who I employ, how much I pay them, and what their conditions are to be, along with extra compliance costs etc., etc. Think carefully lefties, you will be the losers, not the employers/business operators.

  5. IGM

     /  1st August 2014


  6. to: IGM

    “Oh dear.. how SAD !”

    btw I’m not a lefty, I’m a ‘fair go for all people’ NOT just the wealthiest !


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