“Offensive” cartoon of Dotcom

According to Labour emails leaked to media a cartoon of Kim Dotcom to be used on a Kelvin Davis electorate campaign website “could be viewed as offensive”. It seems quite innocuous.

Tonight in David Cunliffe pulls Kelvin Davis into line over Dotcom attack  3 News claimed to have been leaked the website and showed this as the cartoon:DavisWebsiteCartoonIt’s difficult getting a good screen shot – this version isn’t as clear but has more detail:


This is the email from Labour secretary Tim Barnett:

This website and its messaging is problematic and presents a risk for the Party for the following significant reasons:

  • Its’ overall tone is negative and not consistent with our Vote Positive message
  • The first sentence uses the National Party slogan “Working for New Zealand”
  • The cartoon of Kim dot com is could be viewed as offensive and the website picks a fight with Internet Mana.
  • I know that is your local fight, but to present that nationally would not be helpful when both parties are presenting as progressive
  • The messaging about anonymous donations is inconsistent with Labour Party policy and practice, both at Head Office and across electorate campaigns, and would be messaged by media as.
  • The website has no Party Vote message and does not carry an authorisation statement

For these reasons website I do not believe that the website would receive Publications Committee approval.

Most of those points seem minor and simply correctable. The website would obviously have to have an authorisation statement but that is easily added.

The cartoon is hardly offensive although it is inaccurate, it shows the total Dotcom budget nationally and across all electorates compared to Davis’ single electorate spending limit.

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