Standard response to Davis

News and comment about leaked emails from Kelvin Davis’ campaign and his response on Facebook have been all over social media – with one notable except, Labour’s main blog outlet, The Standard. There was no mention of Davis or Te Tai Tokerau at all until a few minutes ago, and what’s been posted isn’t pretty.

Michael Nolan

Okay so I am trying to stay positive, and it has been great to see so many of the MPs and members starting to stick to the positive message. But can someone please punch Kelvin Davis in the throat so he cannot talk until election day? Us members on the doorsteps trying to convince the people we have a positive message are getting pretty fucking sick of self-centered MPs contradicting that.

That doesn’t sound very positive either.

UPDATE: Responses are slowly appearing:

Bearded Git 5.1

Cunliffe said on Morning Report today that Labour head office has “given Davis some guidance”.

  • preferably to go and do serial-laps of ninety mile beach..

    ..between now and sept. 20th..

    • nadis

      The Davis situation is a glorious cock up and completely unnecessary. What do you expect Davis to do? Labour gives him an unwinnable place in the list and then expects him to roll over and not compete in the electorate?

      For someone supposedly as brilliant at strategy as McCarten, and a self described genius like Cunliffe, this treatment of Davis is a clusterfck of epic proportions.

      So simple to avoid, yet this stupid, stupid strategic decision could be the reason why the left is unable to cobble together a majority coalition. If nothing else it will continue to rip maori support – esp in Te Tai Tokerau – away from Labour.


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