Craig gets in on The Nation debate

TV3 has backed down to legal pressure from the Conservative Party and has agreed to include Colin Craig in the small party leaders’ debate on The Nation tomorrow.

TV3 to include Colin Craig in minor party leaders’ debate

TV3 has opted to include Colin Craig in the minor leaders debate, rather than hold no debate at all.

The Conservative Party leader took his case to the High Court, and has this afternoon been granted an interim injunction against the media organisation.

At court, TV3 initially opted to go ahead with no debate, rather be forced to include the politician.

But it’s now changed its mind, and Mr Craig will join tomorrow’s debate.

Good on Craig for pushing for the right to be included. Too often media organisations get away with arranging what suits them rather than what is best for fair democracy.

Brendan Horan is now trying to push for inclusion as well.

@TheNationTV3 given that I’m a current MP and the leader of the NZIC I hope to be there too.

I’m a leader of a political party that was represented in Parliament.

He might have left his claim a bit late.

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     /  8th August 2014

    This is actually great news for TV3…….Colin is ratings gold!


     /  8th August 2014

    Yep, you could well be spot on there Pete….I had absolutely no idea it was on until this popped up……I for one will be tuning in at 9.30am in the morning….to hell with the beauty sleep 🙂

  3. kiwidave

     /  8th August 2014

    Maybe TV3 could put him on the naughty chair in the far corner?

  4. I just wonder when other so-called ‘minnow’ parties will get some airtime ?
    Democrats/Social Credit, Alliance, ALCP (legalise Cannabis) etc.
    Obviously Mr Craig’s money was a contributing factor ?!

    • His money helps, as does his determine to be given a fair shot, as does the Conservative rwesult from the last election, as does the Conservative poll results.


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