Influential youth

Who are the young people most likely to have a lasting influence on New Zealand politics?


Generation zero

You’ll find the former at the next party. Someone is spending millions of dollars, using them to settle an old score and but some personal attention.

You’ll find the latter all over the place – based here: – actively engaged and actively engaging in politics and promoting what they believe will help the planet and achieve better social equity.

One person with some pissed neuts, versus a campaign for a better world.

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  1. IGM

     /  9th August 2014

    When is the PM going to show some balls and have this obese slug tossed out of NZ? The criminal felon is committing sedition, which would put him on a flight immediately. Maybe the PM is worried the slob may get another Labour-appointed judge and be acquitted. Clark charged a person with sedition for smashing her electorate office window, so surely, this criminal would be out of here, extradition order and all.

    • Maybe Key & Dotcom would have been millionaire buddies, IF Key had not sent in the Ninjas (under FBI/CIA instruction ?)
      I’m fairly sure that it was this Govt. that allowed him residency & were happy to see him spend his money here.. until that fateful day !

  2. IGM

     /  9th August 2014

    Zedd: Best do your homework before assuming . . . the little squirt O’Connor is in this up to his neck!

  3. Zedd

     /  9th August 2014

    IGM.. ?


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