Good guesses or prior knowledge?

There was a lot of guessing about the topic prior to the release of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics. Some people seemed to have a particular interest.

Martyn Bradbury made some uncanny ‘guesses’ two days ago in 3 guesses about Nicky Hager’s new book:

Here are my 3 guesses on his book.

1 – Right wing spin doctors in Wellington will be crying harder than Matthew Hooton post the Hollow Men.
2 – We won’t hear from the Taxpayer Union for a while.
3 – This won’t be the only time Nicky makes an impact before the election.

Then just after the release in The Nicky Hager Book – Dirty Politics. How Attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment

PPS – I don’t think this will be the only time Nicky will step forward before the election.
Bradbury has a habit of bragging about what he knows, but he also makes many predictions. I’ve never bothered to check how many he gets wrong or right.
UPDATE: Bradbury has responded via Twitter:

pfft – Nicky contacted me months ago asking specific questions which helped my guesses – the lesson is read TDB

 So Hager interviewed at least one left wing blogger on this. And he didn’t attempt to get the right wing blogger side of the story.
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  1. Phil Wild

     /  14th August 2014

    Fair to say 3 out of 3 wrong. When even Campbell cannot find anything startling about it, when it does not feature highly in Stuff this morning, a complete over hyped blow up of nothing.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  14th August 2014

    I would have to say that any ‘revelation’ of this type that I already know is hardly much of a revelation-more like common knowledge,

    I have a REAL revelation to make !!! The NZ Prime Minister’s name is John Key. Bet you didn’t know THAT, Oh, and the Labour Party leader is one David Cunliffe. I had to do a lot of very complicated, very dangerous work to find those out, that’s why I use a pseudonym.

  3. Dorothy Joiner (aka Dot)

     /  14th August 2014

    You can see now why Matt and David opted to run with the ‘VOTE POSITIVE’ campaign slogan a few weeks ago.

  4. Dorothy Joiner (aka Dot)

     /  14th August 2014

    Yep, and it certainly confirms the answer to your headline 🙂


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