Hi Bunji

Various people at The Standard are busy today defending their blogging integrity and pseudonimity.

micksavage posts:

To equate the Standard with Slater’s hate filled website is ludicrous.  Posts are policy and not personality driven and the only time personalities are involved is when there is a political angle to the story.

There’s a political angle to most stories on a political blog.


I really don’t understand why there are so many people coming on here to defend the actions of Slater et al. If this had come from the other side (e.g. involved the Labour party and the Standard), I would be one of the first to criticise those involved. I’m sure many (but obviously not all) of the other regulars here would do the same.

That, I think, is what difference ultimately is between Whaleoil and the Standard, and those who frequent each site.

Left good, bad right. 

Bunji does a whole post that deserves some comment.

Hi Guyon!

So Bill Ralston and Guyon Espiner think it’s terrible this pseudonymous blogging.  And Lynn gave a good defence – but I felt I wanted to add to it…

The thing is being only pseudonymous (like much on the net), all the important details to my argument are out there.  People know where I’m coming from far more than whomever is doing today’s Herald editorial.

That’s quite a claim. Knowing who is making the argument and what their associations might be can make quite a difference.

They know I’m a Labour party member – as I’ve mentioned that – and from my topics, that I’m based in Auckland.  That’s further confirmed by the fact that I’ve blogged about Labour conferences in Auckland – which might cause an accurate assumption that I’m actively involved in my local Labour Electorate Committee.

That’s a major flaw in a common argument. Of course people who are very familiar with The Standard and follow a lot of discussions over time might remember details like this that relate to a particular pseudonym – but most readers are unlikely to have any idea. There is nothing that identifies the person apart from what may have been said scattered over months.

I watch The Standard quite a bit and didn’t know or couldn’t remember that Bunji was a Labour Party member from Auckland.

So people can take that background into my opinion.  But my words (like the Herald‘s editorial) should stand or fall by the argument on the page.  And the good thing about blogging to a wide community like The Standard, is that I have it wrong (or even any of the minor details…), it’ll be exposed within a few comments…

It won’t necessarily be exposed at all, if it is something that they want to hear.

I exposed something that was wrong once within a few comments at The Standard and I was harassed and banned (I was eventually able to prove it).

Why not say who I am?  Well, my employer’s not left-leaning and probably isn’t happy about me blogging left-wing propaganda in my lunch half-hour.  And while it might get me targeted by WhaleOil (how many people’s houses and addresses has he published over the years – usually encouraging people to turn up there.  It’s not just Nicky Hager & John Minto he targets…), it really wouldn’t add to my argument.  So why bother?

There’s valid reasons including employment and business for using a pseudonym. It’s not just people at Whale Oil who can threaten you with your personal details. 

Implying there are many people’s houses and addresses published is a claim that should be substantiated. It sounds like at least an exaggeration. 

Also Guyon, there’s quite a large difference between a blogger who is on endless personal vendettas (and not just against MPs) being fed personal attack and private information – as well as confidential Government information – versus us on The Standard (without the nasty personal vendettas)…

Yeah, nasty personal vendettas, The Standard – those who aren’t on the receiving end see nothing wrong with the frequent mob harassment and vendettas, or they don’t care and ignore it.

…getting the odd embargo-ed media release from sympathetic parties, or links to newspaper stories pointed out to us (and I’ve not had either of those since 2011, they’ve obviously forgotten me…).

Tips and information don’t just get given to you, you have to develop relationships and networks. Some of the Standard authors obviously have built up relationships with people able to provide interesting and useful information.

In the meantime on Newstalk ZB Wellington’s Friday Forum this morning, Josie Pagani disclosed that three senior Labour/Cunliffe staffers regularly and anonymously blog at the Standard. Names are on the audio file here:


These are in addition to Mike Smith, Lynn Prentice and Greg Presland, who are identified authors with longstanding links with Labour.

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