Prentice irritated by Labour links

Why do Standard authors try to hide from Labour connections?

Lynn Prentice has been “getting irritated about some of the comments in the media by ignorant fools about The Standard and its authors”. 

Prentice has posted Irritated and up early at The Standard. He includes this reference to me.

Steven Joyce on Morning Report and the obsessively self-aggrandizing commenter Pete George come to mind as being particularly ignorant about the blogging world and its participants.

I did my first ever live radio interview with Checkpoint last night.

Being called “self-aggrandizing” by Prentice is very funny, as people who have seen his many self-puff pieces at The Standard will know. One of his nicknames is “the world’s best sysop”.

And claiming I’m “being particularly ignorant about the blogging world and its participants” is also funny.

Radio New Zealand has had a look at party connections with blogs in The Beehive and the blogosphere. This quotes Prentice – he usually won’t talk to media so this is a rare occasion.

Lynn Prentice runs The Standard – a left-wing blog often accused of being a mouthpiece of the Labour Party.

That’s one of the easiest ways to irritate Prentice.

He says bloggers on the site get their information almost entirely from public sources, library research, or their own knowledge from being in political parties for decades.

Yeah, right. And they all live as hermits with no contact with people in politics.

Greg Presland (mickysavage) has a close association with David Cunliffe via his electorate, and famously as his trust lawyer.

Occasional author and co-trustee (with Prentice) at the Standard is Mike Smith is a former general secretary of the Labour Party who worked in David Shearer’s office.

Prentice is actively involved in politics still, recently attending different party conferences.

“It is completely obvious in the posts where the information comes from because we always either link to it or state how we acquired it. We don’t have a “tipline” of ministers dishing the dirt on enemies.

Of course they don’t have a tipline of Ministers, Labour, Greens and Mana don’t have any Ministers.

But it is not always completely obvious where the information comes from – especially in the recent past when ‘Eddie’ and ‘James Henderson’ were posting.

Who is Zetetic (still posting)? They have been quite involved in some of the more political posts. Maybe a tipline of unionists.

And who is recent addition to the author ranks,’Rocky’? See for yourself if their latest post <a href=””>But the door was open…</a> looks like it was sourced from the library.

“To be complicit in that kind of sock-puppetry requires the kind of compliant deference to authority that comes naturally to people on the right.”

Mr Prentice says the accusations by the National Party that The Standard is ghost written by Labour staffers is “bullshit”.

That may be true as of now.

Eddie stopped posting in January, James Henderson in December. Election year? Sure, it’s not certain if they had links to or were staffers, but their anonymity and the nature of their posts suggests they didn’t source all their content from library research.

Apart from self-aggrandizing Prentice says in his ‘irritated’ post:

The idea of being the “mouthpiece of the Labour Party” is a rather amusing. 

Irritated and amused in one post. 

Of course The Standard isn’t “the mouthpiece of the Labour Party”. It has a variety of authors with a variety of interests. Author ‘karol’ is a prolific promoter of the Green Party.

But there’s no doubt that some of the mouthpieces have strong Labour links, including Prentice.

“Some mouthpieces of a faction of the Labour Party” would be more accurate.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Why shouldn’t bloggers promote Labour Party interests. Labour is the preferred party of about a quarter of voters (according to current polls, Fairfax has them on 22.5% today) so it’s reasonable to assume there could be a quarter or so of bloggers with Labour interests.

Of course each blog author has their own reasons for posting and their own sources – and I doubt that many go anywhere near a library to source current political material.

What’s really funny is that Prentice gets so irritated when The Standard is linked to Labour. Why aren’t some of them proud of their associations and proud of supporting and promoting Labour?

But what would I know, I’m particularly ignorant about the blogging world and its participants, apparently.

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  1. graham

     /  15th August 2014

    ‘Rocky’ is someone who used to post at The Standard. Search under the author and you will find posts from Rocky dating back from 2012.

    ‘Rocky’ is Rochelle Rees. From memory, she’s a relative of Lynn Prentice’s (neice?), and was very much an activist. I seem to recall she had a baby, probably around the time she stopped posting on The Standard.

    She was in the news a couple of times some years ago – once for pulling an infantile prank where she created the “John Key clueless” Google bomb (which had Lynn Prentice virtually wetting himself with delight), and once for discovering that a man she’d been living with, Rob Gilchrist, was a police informant who spied on protest groups (such as the ones that Rochelle was a member of).

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