NZ Vote Compass

If you want to check where you fit in to New Zealand’s political spectrum try this questionnaire – Vote Compass.

There are international versions (see Political Spectrum Quiz) but this one is designed around the current policies of New Zealand parties (Internet Party and Conservative Party declined to participate, neither have many published policies).

Vote Compass surveys you on policies but also asks about your demographic and your political preferences.

Here are my results:

PG Political landscape

PG agree with parties

This doesn’t surprise me, National and United Future are both fairly centrist pragmatic parties.

My result will be affected by my tendency to choose more moderate responses rather than “strongly agree/disagree” – that’s just my nature. I’m less likely to see things in black/white, left/right or right/wrong as most political activists.

Here is my (US orientated) Political Compass result from a while back – this places me in a different area.

Political activists scoff at being centrist and claim there’s no middle in politics, just where they are (left or right) and everyone else must be the opposite. That’s nonsense.

As far as voting goes there are significant things this doesn’t take into account much – particularly perception of competence of a party, and tactical voting.

Many people vote on little more than “might as will stick with this lot” or “time to kick the buggers out”.

I genuinely don’t know who I am going to vote for this election. I’m tending towards a pox on all their parties.

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  1. No, I don’t like it it is poo poo. 🙂 😉

  2. Penny

     /  15th September 2014

    Well that was interesting………


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