Internet Party poll reaction ‘fun police’

There were interesting responses from the Internet Party to yesterdays two poll results. They tweeted:

.@ONENewsNZ poll has #InternetMANA at 4% before we’ve even launched our campaign. NZers realise its time to change.

Support for Internet Mana had doubled in the One News poll from two to four percent – but the 3 News poll had them down 0.2 to 2.0% so mixed results and far from a comprehensive vote of support for change.

And I pointed this out and got a response:

Some New Zealanders may “realise it’s time to change” but the unknown is how many. Can’t generalise.

Thanks fun police. Gees Louise.

Valentine is the Social Media Engagement Manager for the Internet Party. Miriam Pierard @miriampierard – Internet Party Spokesperson for Education and Candidate for Auckland Central – favourited his tweet.

It’s no fun having a flawed claim pointed out? The exchange continued:

You must be a riot at parties. “Excuse me, not everyone might want to put their hands up in the air – EXCUSE ME”

This is politics – if you want credibility don’t cherry pick polls and don’t make sweeping unsupportable claims.

“Referencing a reputable poll in an exuberant fashion.” add it to my Pete George rap sheet.

Exuberance is good but 4% (or 2%) doesn’t represent ‘New Zealanders’. Polls suggest most don’t want change.

Kim Dotcom joined the cherry picking of polls:

is now at 4% in the polls. ChangingTheGovernment™

It’s not unusual for politicians to promote positive news and try to ignore less positive or negative news. It’s also not unusual for parties to misrepresent what polls mean.

It’s different to see them complaining that pointing out flaws is “the fun police”. Politics is not an online game.

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  1. Johnc865

     /  20th August 2014

    Thank you for your blog article. Great. bbdecgbkebke


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