Labour staunch on raising Super age

Labour is promoting it’;s policy to raise the age of eligibility of National Superanuation again. RNZ reports:

Labour pushing later retirement age

The Labour Party is using the latest information on the state of the Government’s books to push its policy of gradually raising the retirement age to 67.

It’s not a retirement age. You can retire any age you choose.

It’s the age at which you become eligible for National Superannuation. Many people don’t retire when the become eligible, they receive Super while still earning an income.

If elected on 20 September, Labour would gradually phase in an increased retirement age of 67.

Anyone receiving a pension before 2020 would not be affected, but people turning 65 after 2020 would have to wait until they are 65 years and two months to get their entitlement. The retirement age would be raised by two months every year until it reaches 67.

Labour’s finance spokesperson David Parker says pension costs, which make up about half of all social spending, need to be addressed.

This would extend my eligibility age by two months. No big deal for me personally.

Ironically this policy is what many on the right think is essential but are up against a John Key wall of inaction, while some on the left will be spitting tacks again as they are strongly opposed to raising the Super age.

A past left wing discussion on the pros and cons of this Labour policy – The retirement age debate.

This would also be a no-go for any Labour-NZ First coalition agreement.


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  1. Goldie

     /  20th August 2014

    Labour deserve considerable credit for this policy. I hope that National responds with equally sensible policies to address the problem of an aging population. And that the media stop focussing on trivial “gotcha” politics (I am sick of Whaleoil and Nicky Hagar and Kim Dotcom) and cover actual policies that will affect our lives. A debate is needed, and David Parker has done well.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  20th August 2014

    I may be wrong, but didn’t National raise this a while ago, to almost universal protests ? It was then quietly dropped. It’s one that I’m very glad not to be the person sticking their neck out and raisng.

    I could see seniors being angry that people on huge incomes will be paid to stay at home to look after their own children while the seniors work on to enable this.

    • No, Labour raised it last election and are having another go despite a lot of opposition from the left of the party.

      John Key has pledged not to raise the age while he’s Prime Minister.


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