More on Dotcom and hacking

Kim Dotcom has deliberately kept his hacking history in the news so he (and Pam Corkery) shouldn’t be surprised when the media pay it attention and wonder if Dotcom could be linked to the hacking currently in the news.

Neither should Dotcom’s supporters be surprised.

Russell Brown @publicaddress

Righto. So we’re going to have at least a day of obsessing about a theory (Dotcom is Whaledump) that is quite unlikely for various reasons.

Dotcom is almost certainly not @Whaledump – but that doesn’t rule out some much more likely possibilities.

Dotcom has a motive and a history that makes linking him in some way to @Whaledump believable, especially after his speech yesterday where he said:

“I hacked our German credit rating system and put our Prime Minister’s credit rating to zero because I didn’t like the guy. You have all figured by now there’s another Prime Minister I don’t like.”

But remember that there appears to be more than one hacker. David Fisher claims to be sourced from a separate hacker. Fisher has an established relationship with Dotcom.

There’s more than one way Dotcom could be linked to the hacking.

UPDATE: On Radio NZ Dotcom has admitted to being “very unwise” for making the connection between his hacking history and not liking the current Prime Minister. He said he is on his “final final warning”.

That’s another curious connection. There are widespread calls for Judith Collins to resign for being unwise.

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  1. Kittycatkin

     /  25th August 2014

    Own goal, Herr Dotcom. Hoist by your own petard.Actually, even if he reduced the credit rating to 0 on paper (so to speak) what effect would it have ? It would be obvious that this wasn’t right. Who would believe that someone like that really had a zero credit rating ? it would have been corrected in a few seconds. How childish. I would think that is the own goal of the century. It’s like a burglar boasting about his crimes-nobody in their sane senses will trust old Kim Fatbum now. He has also destroyed his chances of doing anything to John Key. With crime, it DOESN’T pay to advertise.Phallus asinus et impudicus est (Latin for he’s an arrogant, stupid prick)


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