Dotcom’s Assange announcement touches raw feminist nerve

Kim Dotcom has revealed that Julian Assange will participate in his September 15 town hall revelation show via video link. This will attract even more attention to Dotcom five days before the election, but it may not all be welcome attention judging by some initial reactions.

One News reports: Assange to help Dotcom drop ‘bombshell’ on Key

Kim Dotcom has revealed to ONE News the big international name who will play a role in the bombshell he’ll drop on the prime minister.
He says WikiLeaks founder and fugitive Julian Assange, who’s holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, is set to take part in a pre-election attack on John Key.

“I can give you a hint. Someone who is currently locked up in an embassy might be on a live video link,” Mr Dotcom said.

He has already hired journalist Glen Greenwald, who made public the Edward Snowdon leaks. Now the addition of Mr Assange confirms the September 15 event will be about New Zealand’s spying.

Dotcom seems to like associating himself with international anti-spying ‘celebrities’.

Steve Park reacted at Public Address:

Given the announcement re Assange, I may have to resile from my ‘genuinely considering voting for IMP’.

@ColeyTangerina has been tweeting, suggesting it may not be a popular appearance amongst feminists )who have already expressed concerns about Dotcom):

Assange is confirmed for Kim Dotcom’s Auckland Town Hall big reveal. Nice company there. Please, tell me again how he’s changing the Left.

By inviting a twice alleged rapist avoiding trial to be part of a “Big Reveal”, Kim Dotcom & everyone involved show how they value survivors.

I wonder when we can expect Dotcom’s self-described “feminist” advisors like Bomber to be coming out against the Assange invite?

Nothing from Martyn Bradbury on this @CitizenBomber nor at The Daily Blog yet, I’ll update if he says anything.

No Assange hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but if you don’t prioritise the right of survivors to at least bring him to trial, GTFO.

GTFO = ‘Get the freak out” or Get the fuck off”. Urban dictionary: “It is used to express indignation, usually towards stupidity, incompetence, or both. It can be used in response to something that is unwelcome.”

And frankly, survivors need people who believe them and stand with them, so if “BUT INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” is your default GTFO too.

Remember this: Dotcom has advisors. This backlash against Assange would have been raised. It was disregarded. We were disregarded.

I’ve already had my full name and former workplace outed by TDB last time I kicked up a shit like this. I wonder what it will be this time?

Some responses:

Surely Assange is a pretty big get?

yup and it’s at the expense of justice for survivors, so their priorities are clear there.

Ugh, Assange. As if it wasn’t bad enough walking past a pro-Assange message on the street each morning.

Gross gross gross gross. IMP is a bro-left party who shout left while keeping the social politics of the right.

Survivors and survivor protection first, always. No compromise.


The Internet Party: perfectly fulfilling its brand promise to pseudo-libertarian tech-utopian redditor dudebros since 2014.

Assangehats of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your mana!

Dotcom Ass-bomb

Comments on One New’s Facebook page are also mostly negative.

Tracey Cooke:

How dare these two people (Assange and Dotcom) hold our free elections to ransom by hoping to change who people vote for by scare tactics. What a disgrace. I never thought I would see NZ become a play-thing for such fools. Liking National or Key is not really the question anymore its about our country. Selling our freedom of choice is way worse than selling our land. Labour, National, Greens they are all politicians but I wish these grand-standers would go cause trouble else-where

Mike Halliday:

Let me get this right…..a convicted criminal on the FBI’s wanted list is going to get someone who has been dodging justice by hiding in a dodgy South American embassy for two years is going to drop a bombshell about the PM of an internationally insignificant group of islands at the bottom of the world? Really? Do grow up people……

Dotcom’s pre-election self promotion always risked over-shadowing the Internet-Mana campaign. His desire to get international attention risks blowing up on him and his party locally.

Another ring added to the campaign circus.

More opposition: Fightback opposes platform for Julian Assange

Fightback supports Internet MANA as an alliance between radical indigenous and progressive tau iwi forces, challenging the neoliberal consensus.

Providing a platform for Assange, and other men with a misogynist history, discredits the movement against transnational exploitation and repression…

Fightback opposes any platform for Julian Assange.

UPDATE2: Martyn Bradbury has now posted on this at The Daily Blog.

Wikileaks founder and the engineer of revealing some of the largest abuses of power in the modern era, Julian Assange, is rumoured to be appearing at the September 15th Town Hall meeting.

Assange would join award winning investigative journalist Glen Greenwald and other guest speakers to put the argument that we face a new threat of mass surveillance and how Kim’s case is a battlefront in that new war against our civil liberties.

Assange however could be a controversial choice for some. His extradition to Sweden to answer questions on two allegations of sexual assault will have some claiming this is another example of rape culture where the victim isn’t being respected.

That sounds more like Martyn the political hopeful talking rather than Martyn the feminist sympathiser.


And now Assange given a platform? wtf. That some ppl are perpetuating rape culture in the name of ‘changing the government’ is despicable.

Personally I think the whole song is threatening. My main concern is SK is a young woman being tormented bc who her father is.

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  1. IGM

     /  26th August 2014

    With recent revelations of his involvement with a drug dealer, promoting records to kill the PM and rape his daughter, this bastard Slobcom should be on a plane now, not later. Is there something the public should know? He is well past his use-by date in this country.

  2. Phil Wild

     /  26th August 2014

    I feel he has now forgotten his original intention of getting a tame Government to squash his extradition. Now he just wants centre stage for his own massive ego. An appalling hate filled individual, that will taint forever all those snuggling up and being used by him.

  3. The Goodnight Kiwi

     /  26th August 2014

    Gosh, I remember when the most excitement we had prior to election day, was Brian Edwards interviewing the two party leaders 🙂

  4. I look forward to ‘more revelations’ from Dotcom & maybe Assange.. regardless of how often ‘Team-Key’ deny, duck & dodge; HONESTY & credibility are important to most kiwis !

    Its not just about how much they can promise in tax-cuts to the top 51% who maybe ‘being fooled’ into voting for them. Aotearoa should be governed for ALL kiwis.. ‘fair go’

    • What about how often Dotcom and Assange “deny, duck & dodge” legal actions against them?

    • Goldie

       /  26th August 2014

      Zedd – why the hatred directed at Key?
      Key has been centrist – he has kept all of the previous Labour government’s reforms (i.e. WFF, anti-smacking of kids, etc), and even the asset sales were only partial sales of a few commercial assets. Key supported a very socially liberal piece of legislation (gay marriage), and the Treaty settlements with Maori undertaken in his tenure as PM has been remarkable (though sadly overlooked by the Pakeha media). So why the bile? As for Key’s honesty, I am not aware Key has behaved dishonestly over the SIS briefing (Key’s claim that he was not told has been supported by two credible sources) – and frankly, WHO CARES. I have met Key, and he seems a pretty cool, down to earth guy. I just don’t get the hatred. (In the same way, I liked Helen Clark – she was intelligent, learned, and wickedly funny, and I never understood the anger directed at her by nutcases on the right).
      Accusing your political opponents of being dishonest is not really an argument, Zedd (and paul), and by writing it in CAPS does not make your claims any more convincing. Nor does your argument that National can only “fool” a majority by greed and that your side will govern for “all Kiwis” – that is just an arrogant statement Zedd. It is democratic politics, and the angels are not all on one side. Democracy relies on an acceptance that the majority is generally right, and if you think that the majority of NZers are greedy fools and you know better, then your political beliefs are certainly not part of NZ’s liberal democratic mainstream. The fact is is that people support National because they are JUST as patriotic and concerned for the common welfare as you are.

      • Six LONG years of Tory politics.. we all have our own ideas/opinions, BUT ‘Team-Key’ would have us believe, they have ALL the answers.. WRONG !

  5. paul

     /  26th August 2014

    National Party supporters indifference to Keys behaviour clearly demonstrates that the only thing that seperates them from the riif-raff they would normally look down their noses at, is money and a selfish outlook on life.

  6. Kittycatkin

     /  26th August 2014

    I was somewhat sceptical of the Assange rape claim when one ‘victim’ told someone that it was a really bad screw or words to that effect. It’s hard to imagine a genuine rape victim telling someone that she’d done it with a rapist and that it was a lousy screw. That’s the last thing one would say, surely. The rapist might think it was a screw, the victim would think it was rape,You don’t do it with a rapist, he does it TO you.

    Paul, I know and know of many National supporters who are not rich-they are working people. It’s silly and ignorant to say that they all have money-there must be a lot of rich people in NZ by your reckoning !

  7. IGM

     /  27th August 2014

    Can a referendum be organised to execute Slobcom’s extradition order. This slug and his supporters are doing the general public of NZ a lot of harm. Enough of this criminal, and time for his removal.

    • It’s a legal process, not a democratic process.

      Conviction or extradition by referendum would be an awful way to deal with justice.

  8. IGM

     /  27th August 2014

    I would like to see a fair poll done on his acceptance in this country.

  9. Kittycatkin

     /  27th August 2014

    I wouldn’t, I’d just like to see him gone. If he really was behind that song-and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was-he’s an obsessed psychopathic time bomb and we want to remove the nasty creep asap. How do people know Fatbum was behind it ? Was he arrogant enough to boast about it ? I hope that we don’t have two obsessed psychos, who else could it be ? It sounds gross.

  10. Minarch

     /  29th August 2014

    this all sounds like “”envy politics”

    the mans is richer than thou, get over it

  11. Kittycatkin

     /  29th August 2014

    ‘Envy politics’ ??? Oh, come on.Envious of Dim Fatbum ? Hardly. I wouldn’t be him for all his money, what a repulsive thought. John Key, Stephen Tindall & Michael Hill are also heaven knows how much richer than I am, but I don’t envy them because they have money & admire them greatly. As a Jew, I am hardly going to be envious of someone who owns one of the world’s most expensive copies of Mein Kampf and other Nazi things.I don’t envy him for driving a noisy car far too fast past other peoples’ horses, I don’t envy his vulgarity & enormous ego, I don’t envy his shortened life expectancy when his heart can’t cope with that enormous blubbery body. I wouldn’t want money made from crime, as this could be taken from me at any time. I’m not a pauper, and I can rest easy knowing that the money I have wasn’t stolen or made by fraud.

    I despise this egomaniacal fool, but envy ? Hardly !!!


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